1 ladies Detective Agency season 2

1 ladies Detective Agency season 2

S first female-owned detective agency, in this series based on the best-selling novels by Alexander McCall Smith. The narrative then recounts Mma Ramotswe's past in greater detail - her father's youth and young adulthood working in the mines, the death of her mother, the running of the household by a cousin of her father's, and her marriage to a man who both got her pregnant and abused her. Narration comments, however, that he was surprised when she told him that that business was going to be a detective agency.

There are also reflections on the death of her prematurely born child, and on her being traditionally built. Do you talk to different people about different types of problems?

Mma Ramotswe believes in the functionality of things. After summarizing how Mma Ramotswe inherited from her father both the means and the will to make an independent living, and how she used both to start the only detective agency in Botswana run by women, the narrative summarizes her first successful case - how she uncovered the true identity of a man posing as a client's father.

Mr. J. Who does she turn to in her time of need, and for which different purposes?

Matekoni keeps his boots and clothing a little longer than perhaps he should. She firmly, but kindly, rejects Mr. J.

He makes Botswana as big as South America, (p. This last she accomplishes through careful study of a guide to being a detective.

Do you tend to hold on to your possessions as long as they are functional, or do you change with the seasons? As long as her tiny white van still works, and he traditionally built dresses are of good quality and comfortable, she does not see the need to replace them.

Jill Scott stars as a young woman from Botswana who fulfills a lifelong dream by opening her country?

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Matekoni's proposal.

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The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Book 1 Alexander

Narration also describes how, after the sudden departure of her husband and the death of her father, Mma Ramotswe bought herself a house, started The No. When Mr. Polopetsi brings a new case to the No.

There are many issues that trouble Mma Ramotswe in this novel. The narrative then follows Mma Ramotswe through her investigation and resolution of several cases - a missing husband, the suspicious employee of an old friend, an over-protective father concerned about the behavior of his daughter, a stolen car, and a pair of fraudulent twin doctors.

Do you think we all see of our own countries as big as we can, and why? In other words, contentedly overweight.

Puso makes a map of the world. Interspersed with all these narrative elements are occasional commentaries on other aspects of Mma Ramotswe's life - her pride in being African, in her home, and in her success, the beauty of the land, and her determination to become a better investigator.

The case that preoccupies her most, however, is that of a missing boy who, she fears, is connected to the discovery of a human bone in the glove compartment of a van being serviced by her friend, Mr. J. This gently paced mystery novel, set in the African country of Botswana, has as its central character the self-sufficient, wise, and compassionate Precious Ramotswe.

At one point, he asks her to marry him, but for Mma Ramotswe, memories of her abusive husband and her own drive for independence have led her to a rejection of marriage. While she has a wonderful heart, it is sometimes hard for Precious to maneuver around Grace s hard opinions.

Narration also describes. How are Rra Polopetsi and Charlie good foils for her character?

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Mma Makutsi is quick to make a point, and sees her life through a very distinctive worldview. Chapter 6, The Daddy In this introductory chapter, narration describes how Precious Ramotswe (referred to as Mma Ramotswe) came to be the operator of the only woman-run detective agency in Botswana - her dying father, a self-made cattle rancher, left her all his goods and animals so she could start her own business and be independent.

6 Ladies Detective Agency, why do you think Mma Ramotswe takes up the issue, knowing that it might be a he said/she said case? 6 Ladies' Detective Agency, and hired the efficient Mma Grace Makutsi, recently graduated from secretarial college, to work as her assistant and receptionist.