1 Ton dump bed

1 Ton dump bed

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Sign up for our E-Newsletter and receive exclusive offers and discounts in your inbox! Then they’re coated with zinc-rich primer prior to powdercoating.

We were first to offer a three-year warranty and first with a 655 amp resettable circuit breaker standard in every wiring harness. The dump capacity of MAGNUM is 6,755 lbs, and it is backed with a three year limited warranty, including the MONARCH™ power unit, to give you confidence it will dump 6,755 lbs everyday, period. Hydraulic dump kits for pickup trucks include a Monarch 67V DC pump with a hydraulic fluid reservoir, hydraulic cylinder, controls and mounting hardware.

Miska Trailers offers superior quality trailers at factory direct prices and backs them with the best warranty in the industry. Make your work easier or turn your truck into a money maker! The big question – how much can it dump?

If you are shopping for new hydraulic dump trailers, look no further than Homesteader Trailer. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what the real differences in pickup dump inserts are, you should check out the features of TruckCraft’s all new TC-656 MAGNUM. •  88 X 77 w/9 fixed deck and tilting 68 deck: $9,859•  Spare ST 785/85 R66 LR E tire w/silver mod wheel: $675

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Let’s face it, if it dumps wimpy it’s because it’s designed wimpy. A new productivity tool from TruckCraft makes your pickup truck a working dump truck.

The MAGNUM’s all 6566 T6 aluminum subframe cuts weight and never needs paint maintenance. 5 ton models. Miska Trailers is #6 in customer service.

You are using an out of date browser. •  Pair 76 wide stand up ramps w/7 8 treated pine inserts (in lieu of standard ramps): $695 The Pierce Universal Dump Bed Kits and Hefty Hoist kits are the perfect solution to convert your pickup into a hydraulic dump truck.

Homesteader Trailer can also provide you with a selection of tailgates depending on your application. - made three stage telescopic cylinder. Then comes the final baked-on powdercoat application.

Hydraulic dump trailers from Homesteader Trailer are designed to fit your needs with a variety of great options including adjustable couplers, D-ring tie downs, and steel loading ramps. These items make for an easy transition to a dump truck. We continue to innovate with our steel TC-656 MAGNUM, Providing a 6,755 pound true lift capacity.

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The muscle doing the heavy lifting is the U. That’s why we first grit blast the tub and tailgate to clean and mechanically etch the steel for good primer adhesion. You should upgrade or use an.

The result is a durable, long lasting finish that looks good and protects your investment.   ••  Spare ST 775/75 R65 LR D tire w/silver mod wheel: $655• Stake pocket D-rings: $75 each for 6 or more. Hydraulic dump bed kits are available in 7 ton, 5 ton, and 7.

Some of the features that you can expect from the hydraulic dump trailers from Homesteader Trailers include stake pockets, bed guides, lube hub axles, a tarp tie down system, and a deep cycle battery with an onboard charger. The unit uses a 8-stage front telescopic cylinder to get your load down low in your pickup bed for a safer center of gravity. Check out the powdercoat finish.

As you probably already know, preparation is everything in powdercoating. There are no grease points on any of our dumpers because they are designed to use no-lube nylon bearings at every pivot point. It has premium chromed rod sections and  aluminum glands with internalwear bands, premium components to be sure, and though you don’t see them, they are just two of the many designed-in reasons for long life and excellent performance of TruckCraft dump inserts.

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TruckCraft was the first with an all aluminum pickup dump insert, the TC-675 ULTRA. Hydraulic Dump Trailers from Homesteader Trailers are second to none with standard and optional features that you will not find anywhere else, and best of all dump trailers from Homesteader Trailer are proudly made in the United States.

$75 each for less than 6. Whether you are looking for financing, have a trade in, or have only short term requirements, with Miska Trailers you can get the trailer you need on the terms you can afford. Call or click for a distributor near you today.

Built with your safety in mind, Homesteader hydraulic trailers offer all wheel brakes, heavy-duty chains and a front mounted safety prop-pod.