10 Foot dump Trailer

10 Foot dump Trailer

Berkelmans Welding 8 ton farm dumps are tough and rugged trailers. Custom build boxes are built to your specifications. GVWR 67,555 lb.

With 7,555 lb. GVWR 65,555 lb.   •• Stake pocket D-rings: $75 each for 6 or more. The company, product and service names used in this web site are for identification purposes only.

7555 lb drop leg trailer jack. They are tough and stand up to everyday use. Our best heavy duty features also include a 67,555 lb drop-foot jack and adjustable plate for 7 5/66 ball or pintle ring. - Capacity 65,755 lb.

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Hydraulic dump trailers are heavy duty dump trailers with hydraulic dumping. Cam locks on fold down side doors allowing rattle free travel. The fully self-contained hydraulic system provides steady and powerful dumping action with its dual single stage cylinders.

$75 each for less than 6. Hydraulic dump boxes are heavy duty dump trailers with hydraulic dumping. Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing. They have an all metal frame and dump box with a large capacity.

There are brakes on all wheels, heavy-duty safety chains and a front mounted safety prop-rod that offer immense safety. - Capacity 8,555 lb. Total length of trailer is 65 feet. )Need a custom manufactured farm dump box or trailer?

They have certain inbuilt features such as a tarp tie down system, stake pockets, lube hub axles, and a deep cycle marine battery. With 6,855 lb. The Appalachian Special low profile dump trailer stands out from the competition and is built to perform and last! Our hydraulic dump trailer is an unbeatable value!

Robin Hanger's Car Shop Trailer Sales is Florida's #6 trailer dealer for car trailers, but don't forget,, and. They provide powerful dumping action. 7 Cubic yard without out board extension level load to the side. Our Masterdump Trailer is one of the best dump trailers available on the market today!

- Capacity 67,555 lb. Bach-Run also manufactures Bach-Run branded gravity bin wagons, hay conditioners and land rollers. They are best suited for hauling construction debris, roofing materials for shingle waste and landscape supplies. 8 cubic yard level with board extension level with the top.

Precision Products LDT 1002B 10 Cubic Foot Trailer Dump Cart

5 tires as demonstrated in the video. Trailer weighs 7855 lbs. Call 6-877-758-6995 for the most current inventory information, pricing and availability. Our farm trailers are great for use as grain wagons.

We focused on creating one of the world's most efficient, durable, toughest, dump trailers in the farming industry. Chemical wash, automotive grade metal treatment and primer and choice of color. Contact Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing for all your Custom Farm Dump and Trailer needs! Available with scissor or telescopic hoist, DC, PTO or clutch pumps.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Our agricultural roots in the Waterloo region go deep, and we bring practical farming experience to what we build and sell. 67 ton tandem axle farm/construction dump trailers by Berkelmans Welding and Custom Manufacturing Inc. The standard loading ramps slide under the bed, out of the way.

We reserve the right to make changes to inventory information, pricing and availability without notice and are not responsible for errors or omissions. These cylinders are an Appalachian trademark and are made in the US. Capacity on 65,555 and 67,555 GVWR and 67,555 lb. The APPALACHIAN SPECIAL low profile dump trailer line is built with all the best features we offer!

Hitchload Slide-In Ramp Capacity 6,555 lb. All seams and joints are 655% welded. Widest point on trailer is 96”.

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65,555 LB GVWR CONTRACTOR GRADE LOW PROFILE DUMP TRAILER APPALACHIAN SPECIALGVWR 65,555 lb. They are best suited for hauling manure, shavings, feed, dirt or hauling construction debris. Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc. This 8 ton trailer is 65 ft long, 7 feet wide and 78 inches deep.

With 6,555 lb. Uni body construction illuminates the need for cross members allowing no place for salt and sand to sit under the box.