150cc gy6 engine Manual

150cc gy6 engine Manual

The function of the is to make sure that your choke doesn t get hit with a deadly dose of over-voltage at high engine RPMs.   If this resister goes bad, the choke will likely become damaged shortly thereafter. If you re in need of an auto choke or resistor, we take a look at our GY6 Electric Parts and other related components. As it turns out, the auto-choke isn t a choke at all.

I have a gy6 that when the rocker vent tube is attached to the airbox wont start. Show: All Manufacturers Manco American Sportworks Roketa ATV Manuals Service / Repair Manuals

We frequently receive questions about how the auto-choke and its operating needle work. Thank you.

This happens within a couple of minutes as the engine warms up. The first step is known as the intake stroke.

One major problem with this article: The GY-6 carb has an electric choke as well, which is what the wire on it is attached to. This generally reduces the amount of air going into the motor some until it warms up, making it easier for the motor to start up when it's cold.

This can also be thought of as the more lewd suck stroke where the piston of the motor goes down, creating a void which sucks air and fuel into the motor through it's open intake valve. When the engine is turned on and voltage is applied to the choke, the needle extends and eventually plugs the enrichment ports within the carburetor.

  To the auto choke s credit, usually problems starting and running on a GY6 engine are related to dirty carburetor jets, but the auto choke system can be to blame sometimes as well. For a 55cc motor this means the mixture got squashed into about 6cc of volume.

Instead, it sends extra fuel through the carburetor. If disconnected, it will.

  They come with warranty, of course! Hi, my 675cc 9 stroke scooter which has a GY6 Carburator, Iwant to tune this Carb to minimise CO, when at high revs it shows 65% but it should be less than 9%, please help me how to reduce this reading of 65% to less than 9%.

How it works 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke Buggy Depot

Get the mixture too squished and it'll combust on it's own. This means that for every time a cylinder makes power to spin the wheels it needs to go through four steps.

GY-6 scooters, cars, lawn mowers, and most motorcycles and boat motors run as four-stroke (not to be confused with four-cylinder) engines.   That is, it doesn t choke airflow through the carburetor like you would find on a lawnmower or generator type of engine.

After this the intake and exhaust valves are closed for the next stroke of the engine. Get it fast with ScrappyDogs!

If the tube is attached after starting, the engine slows but doesnt always die. The next step in making that gas turn into turning wheels is the compression stroke.

Being so tightly packed will actually make the mixture more easily combusted, and is part of what makes diesel motors work. This is called an enrichment circuit.

The air and fuel mixture is smashed into an area between 8 and 65 times smaller than when the piston is all the way down. This circuit is controlled by the charging system.

Can be revved and drive, but cant be restarted with the tube attached. When your engine is off, the choke (enrichment circuit) is actually on in it s default resting state.

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  It s a convenience that gets a bad rap from those desiring the control of a manual choke.