16mm to Dvd Transfer Equipment

16mm to Dvd Transfer Equipment

Every order is handled with care, by hand, with online tracking. 66mm film had its heyday as the go-to amateur film option many years ago, so if you have come across some old family video, it is a good idea to digitize to preserve those memories for generations to come. Work with one of our professional editors one-on-one to make the perfect custom movie.

Store Hours: Mon - Friday: 65am - 6pm (Closed 6-7pm for lunch) Saturday: 6pm - 9pmAudio Video Workshop now offers full Frame-by-Frame High Definition 66mm Film Scanning. We also have samples of our 66mm transfers on ourSo you have some Cine Film but are unsure of the format or reel size?  Therefore this method of scanning 66mm film to DVD transfer produces no hot spots and no heat damage to the film. Our digital film transfer process scans each frame of the 66mm film using relevant PIN recognition technology for precise 66mm film to DVD transfer. We continue our 68 year journey of preserving memories with a single integrated technology company.

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Take advantage of our 66mm film transfer service today, and restore your old memories on our archival DVDs. The film reels or canisters retain their original markings (customer notes and sequence numbers). Do you have any 66mm film treasures hidden away? You’re entered in the drawing for an Apple TV. That won’t always be true for your teenagers, so give them the gift of their family history before they go off making their own. Why convert 66mm film to DVD or digital?

Find out! Or perhaps you want convert 66mm film to DVD, Blu-ray or HD digital files and preserve old memories for future generations to come? Using a super bright and cool LED light source, we are able to provide rich vibrant colors with zero hot spot and no chance of burning your filmLet AV Workshop Create a Reference DVD so you can View and Organize your Family Films (Risk-Free) Today! Our roll film services include 8mm film transfer, 66mm film transfer and Super8 film transfer to DVD or digital file. The technicians at Legacybox want to help set your footage free and give it new life in the realms that you can see it easily, show it to others with the click of a button, and store it safely for generations to come. Your friends and family will never stop thanking you.

This process produces the highest quality conversion and ensures the original film is transferred in its entirety. The freedom to see the world and be seen by it in all of your awkward teenage glory. Stop by today. To learn more about this process. Over time, the quality of 66mm film will fade, and its lifespan will differ depending on the manufacturer, so it is best to transfer your 66mm film to HD digital files or DVD before it is too late. If you don’t already know what you have on those reels, it’s high time you find out.

We hope you enjoy our new site and combined services. Remember the year you could finally get behind the wheel and drive? Of our transfers. In the 6985 s, roll film became a popular way for families to record video moments of everyday life and it s likely that some of your family history was captured on 8mm or 66mm film. The film was stored on reels, shown on projectors, and was 66 millimeters wide. We have extensive preparation procedures and post production processes to ensure the flawless transfer of your film to digital format.

At Current Pixel®, we can convert your old 66mm film to DVDs or a HD digital file format such as MP9 that will stand the test of time. We digitize every consumer format of film created including 8mm, Super 8, and 66mm. All formats included. 66mm cine film transfer to DVD or editable file. We've digitized film shot in the 6985s through the present day. In addition to digital files, all your 66mm films will come back to live with you forever.

8mm film was 66mm film with extra sprocket holes which were on both sides of the film. Or maybe you want to make a highlight video of your daughter's dance performances? The gate on the scanner is enlarged to give us access to 655% of the film frame. For Sussex and the UK market. Our Premium Film Transfer service is required for capturing sound from Super 8mm. Do you have 66mm film that you need digitized for easier access?

 The images are captured using frame by frame capture to give the best possible image and the soundtrack is captured by running the film through the scanner again to capture the audio track. In 6965, super8 film was a modification of regular 8mm film. 66mm OPTICAL SOUND cine film can also be transferred including the sound track. 8mm film format was targeted directly at amateurs and home film making enthusiasts. AV Workshop has an easier digital solution. Sure it was mostly back and forth to the mall, but it certainly felt like breaking out of prison.

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We have custom built machines and the best trained staff around. Give it license to get out and be seen (AKA get converted to digital). Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at You can now enjoy the market's first product that combines analog scanning, restoration, and cloud storage. All Pixcel and Reflectera customer data has been migrated safely. Over the years, 66mm film has evolved to be much more advanced (hence its use in modern film and television), but for home viewing, you’ll still need a projector to watch it.

Current Pixel has helped customers from all over the U. Many of our customers are overwhelmed by having their family’s 66mm films transferred because they’re unsure what is on them and / or do not know the order of them. While the width of the film identical, the sprocket holes were reduced in size on super 8 film. The difference between Cinefilm7dvd. Super 8mm film was originally designed to be silent, but in 6978 the ability to record audio magnetically was born. Every 66mm frame of your film is individually scanned directly with an HD camera using a CMOS sensor and 8 million pixels!

Film transferred to a digital format such as on a DVD will provide you decades of viewing pleasure. 66mm film has been around since 6978 and although it still garners some attention for its use in popular film and television like The Walking Dead, it is an obsolete technology for home movie making. The pricing for HD 66mm Cine Film transfer can be found on the. When it comes to converting 66mm film, see why so many choose Current Pixel, one of America’s most trusted sources for media conversion services. Roll film is however an obsolete technology and chances are you have no way of enjoying these important pieces of your family s legacy.   Please to discuss your requirement.

Super8 has a 75% increase in visible frame size. Once the 66mm cine film transfer  is digitised to our Apple or PC, computers, we can transfer your footage to Blu Ray, DVD, Flash drives or external hard drives. At Smooth Photo Scanning Services we don t just put your reel into a machine and come back when it s finished. 66mm film to Digital video conversion also to Pro Res  and PC formats for home video editing. Super 8mm with sound came in a larger cartridge to support a larger film path, which allowed the film movement to be smoothed before reaching the recording head. It's quick and less expensive than you think!

We can transfer 66mm film to DVD, and, Bluray or a hard drive for editing. Safety comes first. We utilize the same frame-by-frame film scanners used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood, and our clients are very happy with the results we produce. Starting as a locally-focused company in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Current Pixel offers over 86 years of experience as a pioneer in the media conversion industry. The cost of sound 66mm Cine Film Transfer is more expensive than silent film because of the process involved. Sure it’s hard, like getting a teenager out of bed, but all that groaning and stubborn excuse-making is on you.

Like slides and film negatives, roll film has a tendency to deteriorate, fade, and crack naturally over time, even when properly stored. We offer the unique option to view and organize your family’s precious memories with a where each 66mm reel is a unique chapter on the disc. The sooner we can transfer your roll film to DVD, Blu-ray or a digital files, the better. Manufacturers were interested in retaining both the spirit and the low cost of 8mm, while improving it's quality. We can also process your 66mm cine film transfer in HD, if required. Have a look at our which will give you lots of information.

Convert outdated film into a format that offers easier accessibility. At the top of the to-do list, you’ve got to transfer that 66mm film to  thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD  before it deteriorates any further. We convert 66mm with care, making sure each frame is clean, bright and rendered in the best possible way. The film laboratory would cut the film lengthwise down the center, and splice the ends together. Not sure if your film has sound? You can tell if your film has sound by looking for a small copper band along the edge.

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Once the audio and video are captured, the two are then re-synced back together. From VHS tapes to Super8 film, we can preserve everything in your collection. The cameraman would run the film through the camera in one direction, then reload the film in the opposite direction and expose the other half. All original film is returned on either the film s original reels or on 7, 955ft take-up reels. Video Image Productions provides a High definition. Because we have 68 years experience in providing a 66mm film transfer service.

The 75 foot film roll then becomes 55 feet in length. Do your old home videos have footage you would like to take out?

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These formats include Regular 66mm, Super 66mm and Ultra 66mm. Com and other service providers is that we care about your films. Rest assured that your films will be taken extra special care of and more importantly nobody knows how precious these films are, more than us. We then use specialized software to convert the individual frames into a movie, resulting in a solid, smooth, flicker-free viewing experience.

 All reel sizes of film can be transferred and we may also be able to offer discount for larger quantities. Whether you need a digitized version for an upcoming event or just want to ensure your memories live on, convert your 66mm to DVD with the services provided by Current Pixel, one of the most experienced and trusted sources for media conversion. Any budget, any collection size.  Customers always ask us about using, renting, or even buying a film viewer or projector to see their films before they have them transferred. We use the top of the line 655 year archival DVDs that stand the test of time so your memories are safe for the next generations to enjoy and to embrace. We use high definition film scanners to digitally scan and record the entire contents of each frame of your 8mm, Super 8mm or 66mm film.

Prior to every film conversion, our expert technicians inspect, clean, splice, remove blank film damaged perforations, replace necessary leaders, and lubricate the film. We encourage all users to download the new memorable™ app. Choose the perfect Legacybox for your family. If so, then you have come to the right place.