18v ridgid Impact Driver

18v ridgid Impact Driver

With the new JobMax series, Ridgid may have to add and most cost efficient to their claims! As of yet, we still don t know when these new JobMax tools will be released or how much they will cost. There are endless testing situations for any tool so we discuss the tool in question and try to develop tests that we feel users can relate to.

Ridgid s new JobMax lineup falls under their Fuego group of cordless tools, which are described as the fastest, lightest, and most compact in their class.

In our latest head to head testing we ve selected ten full size impact drivers from a wide range of manufacturers.

Power Tools Air Tools Hand Tools Measuring & Layout Cordless Tools Automotive Lawn & GardenThere s no doubt that Impact Drivers have completely changed the construction industry and drastically improved both productivity and quality.

Our Impact Driver head to head included the following tools: We ve listed the basic specifications for these tools, a link to their web page, and the batteries that were used in the test.

We also decided to use only traditional impact drivers and exclude the new class of hydraulic impact drivers as those seem to be emerging as an entire class onto themselves.

Yesterday, Ridgid s new 67V JobMax cordless tool system, and the first combo set that includes an auto hammer head and an oscillating multi-tool attachment.

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Impact drivers allow users to more quickly install threaded fasteners while avoiding damage to the fasteners.

The page you re reading now has info on the right angle drill, ratchet, and impact driver, while  talks about the autohammer and oscillating multitool.

When we set out to do a head to head test for power tools the toughest decisions to be made are deciding what our evaluation criteria will include.

Well, it turns out that Ridgid is introducing another JobMax combo set, with this one featuring a right angle drill, impact driver, and ratchet attachment!

We re very excited about these new tools, and will post updates as soon as we find out more.

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