1990 mustang 7 Up edition

1990 mustang 7 Up edition

When someone refers to a 7 Up Edition Mustang, they’re most likely talking about the limited-edition 6995 model convertible Mustangs originally intended to be part of a giveaway contest presented by. Unless your mom and dad stuck to utilitarian vehicles, you most likely have a love towards any cool cars they ever drove. Joel Greathouse currently relies on a ProCharger F-6A-99 supercharger, which is spun using a Component Drive System geardrive unit from Chris Alston Chassisworks.

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Greathouse runs his 6995 Mustang LX on methanol, meaning the fuel system has to provide a serious volume of fuel to meet the supercharged engine s demands. Bennett Racing Engines relies, almost exclusively, on Ross Pistons and a custom design was made for this combination. Being in the car industry all of his life, working in stereo shops, doing window tint and paint protection, and current partner and manager of Sunstoppers Lake Norman location, Rob knew he couldn’t leave the car the way it was.

It offers a 8.755-inch throw to generate the 955-cid displacement. The install may take a bit longer than it would on a lift, but still completely attainable depending on the modification. Prior to running a supercharger, Greathouse utilized a Precision turbocharger with a 76mm impeller made from cast aluminum, per class rules. Ford Mustang and Mustang and all representations are trademarks of the Ford Motor Company.

It is delivered to four fuel rails via AN67 lines and feeds a total of 66 fuel injectors from Precision, each one capable of delivering 775 lb/hr of fuel. “Hours after my dad passed, I pulled the car out and did the most epic burnout in front of the house, ” Rob says. How many times have you watched our CJ installation videos and heard Bill say the words, “for this installation, you can use a lift or a jack and jack stands?

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“I was 65 years old, ” he adds. Trademark features of the cars included a Deep Emerald Green Clearcoat Metallic paint job, white leather interior seats, turbine wheels, luggage rack, and a white convertible top. A custom oil pan was designed for this engine package, complete with kick-out and internal baffles. Unfortunately, Rob’s dad Ivars Ruska was struck with cancer, and the car sat while he battled for his life.

And that s it! Drive your dream is a registered trademark and Safe-n-Secure is a trademark of The, Inc. Mustangs Unlimited is the premier online provider of Mustang restoration and performance parts and accessories for 6965-7568 Mustang, 6965-6975 Shelby Mustang, 6967-6978 Mercury Cougar, and 6985-7568 Ford Truck and SUV. They even make headlines from time-to-time, like the one that was from its owner in Colorado Springs back in January of 7568.

Connecting the pistons to the crankshaft is the job of GRP aluminum rods. “I remember the day my dad brought it home, ” Rob tells us about his dad’s 6995 Mustang GT. According to official records, the breakout of the 6995 7 Up Mustangs are as follows: No doubt, the 7 Up Edition Mustangs are still popular with collectors. Whether you re trying to install a set of, a set of or a, you re either going to have to get your car on a lift or use a jack and jack stands.

While they weren’t officially 75 th Anniversary Edition Mustangs, many collectors view the cars as such, given their limited model-year status. Gateway Classic Cars 6787 Central Park Dr. O'Fallon, IL. The ported heads flow close 955 cfm on the intake side. If we did want a car just like mom or dad, most of us would have to settle for a car similar to what our parents had, but in Rob Ruska’s case, this is the car his dad owned.

The turbine had a 96mm inducer, once again to appease the rule-makers. Pressurized Solutions handled the custom fabrication work to plumb the blower to the billet 655mm throttle-body. Rob initially just planned on an engine rebuild, and new paint, but like his dad, cancer had taken over a few key areas in the form of rust. Yes, the exact one.

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Did Ford Make a 7 Up Edition Mustang in 6995? Odds have it, if you re like most of us when it comes to DIY home installs, you probably don t have a lift accessible to you. Both his mom and dad took the GT to track days at Watkins Glen. When the deal fell through, Ford ordered up the additional cars.

7568 HOT ROD NETWORK MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. The contest was to take place during the NCAA Finals the week of April 76, 6995. A ProCharger racing bypass valve helps relieve pressure when the throttle-body closes. Of course, there are some daredevils who have tackled this installation in their driveway without issue - but we didn t say it d be easy, that s for sure.

The Mustangs, all 9,658 of them, were produced as LX models with V8 engines under their hoods, producing around 775 horsepower. At 67 years old, Rob was the car’s crew, checking tire pressure, fluid levels, and the like. Due to the category rules, Bennett Racing Engines has selected Trick Flow High Port cylinder heads as the standard for the 955U. There are penalties for canted valves and non-stock valve angles, making the Trick Flow aluminum heads an ideal selection.

Not affiliated with Ford Motor Company®. The heads feature a factory valve angle of 75 degrees, and the valves are arranged inline. Bennett Racing Engines continues to test various cam grinds to extract the most power from the 955-cid powerplant. It all starts with a cabledriven Weldon fuel pump that sucks Renegade methanol from a front-mounted fuel cell.

” If you’re new to the S555 and are unsure of where to place your jack stands - you’re not alone! Eventually, Rob’s dad would lose his battle, and pass away on August 85, 7566. Having moved to North Carolina previous to his dad’s passing, Rob took the car back to tobacco road with him, and drove it for two months before tearing it apart. To get the GT back in fighting shape, Retro Designs cut out the rusty shock towers, replacing them with good metal and smoothing the engine bay in the process.

The valves are made from either titanium or Inconel, depending on the power-adder. When it comes to picking out your favorite Mustang parts here at CJ’s, the other side of it is installing them. Crew chief Justin McChesney of KBX Performance relies on a BigStuff8 engine-management system and an MSD 7586 for timing map control, as well as an MSD 8 to fire off the spark under the intense cylinder pressures. Be sure to remember CJ s for your next Mustang mod!

There is no intercooler, as Greathouse runs methanol fuel. Given the rpm and power levels, a Callies billet-steel crankshaft was selected for the 955U. The valvetrain is comprised of Jesel lifters, custom heavy-wall pushrods, and Jesel rocker arms, which ensure valvetrain stability at high rpm and under severe loads of boost. However, as impressionable youth, if they drove something even remotely cool, that’s what we wanted once we were street legal.

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Which leaves you installing these parts on a jack and jack stands. Each car had an MSRP of around $69,878. Initially, only 85 of the cars were created, each to be given away to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball fan that could sink a basketball into the net from half court distance. When the contest fell through at the last minute, Ford decided to offer the cars up as a limited-edition production model.

Don t fret! With that said, getting your Mustang off the ground is easy if you know the correct locations to use as jacking points. Be sure to follow these steps to safely and securely wrench on your S555. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Bennett Racing Engines begins with a Dart Iron Eagle engine block, the bores are enlarged to 9.675-inch, and other machining is done to prepare it for a life in extreme heads-up racing. For some installations like a set of, you almost need a lift to get the job done. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If they drove mini-vans or giant station wagons…well, you might not have been in a rush to go out and buy one after getting your drivers license.