2 frame honey Extractor

2 frame honey Extractor

We are now selling Honey Extractors as there are only 8x 6-frame manual extractors available while the new honey extractors will be READY NOW. A vailable now and units are being sold from the Bee WARE retail shop and also by mail order or courier depending on the unit ordered and budget. Use an uncapping fork (also called cappings scratcher ) to get any cells missed by the knife.

Start a quarter of the way from the bottom of the comb, slicing upward. It can easily be upgraded to a nine frame hand extractor by simply swapping out the reel, or it can even be upgraded to a power driven unit!

Proudly made right here in our factory. Complete the job with a downward thrust of the knife to uncap the cells on the lower 75 percent of the frame.

This helps the cappings fall away from the comb as you slice them. The 75 gauge conical bottom tank is manufactured using top grade stainless steel from American mills.

Extracting honey is easier to do when the honey is still warm from the beehive as it flows much more freely.

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Don't waste your hard earned money on throw away products. Leg kit sold separately.

A gentle side-to-side slicing motion works best, like slicing bread. Our view is you should only invest in an 6- frame extractor if you have more than 65 bee hives which are established!

Use your electric uncapping knife to remove the wax cappings and expose the cells of honey.

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Comes complete with lids and our signature nylon honey gate. This Honey extractor is designed to accommodate 75 super frames full of honey after uncapping.

New Large Two 2 Frame Stainless Steel Manual Crank Bee

However, it is only worthwhile investing capital into a Honey Extractor if you have at least 65 - 85 hives that are producing honey with an average of around 65Kg each at the same time. By established, we mean are ready to have honey harvested!

Tired of hand cranking? This little workhorse will do 9 frames radially, 7 medium/shallows and 7 deep frames, or 9 medium shallow frames.

The base holds up to 87Kg of settled and extracted raw honey before you need to open the and empty the unit. Add our conversion kit and extracting is the push of a button away!

The Maxant 8655H-7 is an ideal starter unit, extracting 7 medium/shallow frames radially. Buy Maxant and grow your hobby with no loss on your original investment.