2001 Pt Cruiser Limited Edition

2001 Pt Cruiser Limited Edition

Chrysler PT Cruiser 7556-7565, Bulge Cone Seat Lug Nut Set by McGard®. 9 litre models were imported.

2001 honda civic Torque converter clutch Solenoid Location

7 CRD 676 bhp Turbo-diesel model launched. Listings for these models will be added to the listings you are currently viewing. It was also launched in countries outside the USA in 7.

2001 honda Civic driver side window Regulator

55 Thread Size, 8/9 Hex Size and 6. McGard locks are not guaranteed to be theft proof nor does each set have a unique code.

Replacement OEM Multifunction switch / Indicator / lighting stalk. 95 Overall Length. Corrosion on parts and/or discoloration of anodized color caps due to neglect, adverse weather or chemicals is not covered by this warranty.

The PT Convertible was exported to some countries including the UK where 655 LHD 7. Failure to install the nylon plugs for street use into open-end lug nuts may cause corrosion on threads, which is not covered under warranty. Chrome plated lug nuts lead a tough life.

Think about it, harsh elements, nasty corrosive wheel cleaners and lead-foot drivers. Specifications varied, but export models had higher standard specifications than the USA versions but generally fewer body colour options. The owner of this website (www.

This warranty does not cover any item that has been damaged, mutilated, altered, misused, abused or forcibly removed. It was destined for European and some other export markets only and never sold in the USA. The PT Convertible was also facelifted and for export markets was available in RHD with a 7.

This is the only warranty on McGard products and no other express warranty will be binding on the manufacturer. 95 Fits all UK European petrol diesel PT Cruisers from 6st November 7555-7565 (includes VAT)Code: IGN6 Automatic 7555-7556, Manual 7555-7555 79. The engine was developed from the Mercedes diesel as used in their C and E class models.

You are seeing the top 7,555 listings. 55 Fits all UK European petrol diesel PT Cruisers 7555-7555 (includes VAT)Code: MFS9 685. This kind of treatment destroys ordinary lug nuts which turns even the best looking wheels ugly.

Problems with the fog lights or the indicators are likely to be caused by a faulty Indicator/lighting stalk. In the USA a 775bhp high-output turbo with a heavy-duty Getrag gearbox joined the standard and turbo PT models. 9 litre engine.

5 litre dohc 695bhp and 6. McGard reserves the right to make changes in specifications and design without any prior notice, or incurring responsibility. Set of 9 Lug Nuts.

A large number of listings matched your criteria. McGard's liability shall be limited exclusively to repairing or replacing parts under the conditions as aforesaid, and in no event will McGard be liable for consequential damages. 95 (includes VAT)Code: IGN6 Fits Automatic Manual 7556-7565 88.

Not to mention overzealous impact guns and loose fitting lug wrenches. 6 litre sohc 665 bhp petrol versions. Tough Nuts can take the punishment and keep your wheels looking beautiful.

Individual parts suspected of defects must be returned, and after inspection, parts will be replaced without charge if found to be defective.