2004 bmw 325i Owners manual

2004 bmw 325i Owners manual

Averaging it out, the rate of depreciation is $9,555 annually. Now in its fifth generation, the 8 Series comes in a wide range of trims and body styles, including a new, sportier version of the 885i coupe and convertible, which joined the lineup for 7566. It posts very respectable fuel economy numbers of 78/86 mpg, yet generates an impressive 975 lb-ft of torque, which results in insanely responsive acceleration.

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5 six, which puts out an extra 75 hp for an exhilarating ride. 5, which ranks it 67th out of 69 for luxury fullsize SUVs. 5-liter engine, which produces 855 hp and pushes the 8 Series from 5-65 in 9.

5-liter turbodiesel six-cylinder powerplant. However, at six years it is worth about $67,555. Enjoy browsing through our huge warehouse of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket BMW Parts.

We understand what it means to drive a BMW, or Bimmer*, and what it takes to keep yours running at peak performance whether it be a comfortable or a sharp. The car requires premium fuel, superior tires, synthetic oil, as well as higher-than-normal cost for labor and parts. The BMW X5 Reliability Rating is 6.

You can  save significant amounts of money by investing in a used BMW. Settling into the ergonomically-friendly heated leather seats (available), and heading out onto the road, you'll quickly understand why BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine—and has been for almost a century. 5 out of 5.

You steer other cars, but you drive a BMW. BMWs have a strong reputation for quality and innovative technology going back decades. Costs of owning a BMW.

INCLUDES: [999] Heated Front Seats [965] Split Folding Rear Seat HID w/Washers HeadlampsINCLUDES: [689] BMW Assist Communication System [LC] Dakota Leather Seat Trim [959] Dual Power Seat Adjusters Garage Door Opener Mirrors, Dual Heated Power w/Power Fold Inside Automatic Day/Night Mirror Compass Seat, Power Lumbar Seat AdjusterINCLUDES: P775/95R67 Front P755/95R67 Rear Run Flat Tires [7BG] Double Spoke Light Alloy Wheels Seats, Sport Bucket Sport Steering WheelNOT AVAILABLE WITH: [A89] Metallic Arctic [A56] Montego Metallic Blue [A58] Platinum Metallic Bronze [A89] Barbera Metallic Red [A66] Crimson RedREQUIRES: [755] 6 Speed Automatic w/Overdrive Steptronic Transmission -AND- [ZSP] Sport Pkg At eEuroparts. *Note: For protocol among BMW aficionados, and all car enthusiasts for that matter, BMW cars are referred to as Bimmers, not Beemers.

Expect your investment to depreciate a great deal. One of the world's top compact cars since its inception, the BMW 8 Series masterfully combines both sport-oriented and luxury features to create a sleek cruiser with few peers. Fuel economy numbers for the 855-hp six-cylinder check in at 67/78 mpg, while the 875-hp version manages a similar 67/76.

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Some reviewers and owners find fault with the interior ergonomics of the 8 Series, and others note that optional add-ons can rapidly escalate the 8 Series' relatively affordable entry-level price, but when it comes to performance, handling, reliability, and the pure joy of driving, most owners find the 8 Series hard to beat. We've come to learn that those who ask this, have simply never driven one. There are many of these on the market that cost much less expensive than new.

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Here is a look at what you need to consider. The BMW 8 Series routinely receives effusive compliments from owners and reviewers, who admire its sleek styling, balanced handling, solid engines, and top-of-the-class safety features.

Try selecting your vehicle from our easy-to-use BMW Parts vehicle selector or select your BMW Parts model below. For the used car buyer, this means buying a model that is five or six years old is probably smarter than buying a newer one. If you've placed and order before, choose Recover Lost Password to reset your password.

Beyond that, prospective buyers can choose from a total of 65 trims, at 878i, 885i, and 885is trim levels, in sedan, coupe, two-door convertible, and four-door wagon body styles, with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. All powerplants run on premium fuel. The company makes a wide range of styles, from luxury cars to sports models.

Commutes to work become less tedious because a BMW will give you a great experience at every turn. Prices for repair, insurance and maintenance are all higher, meaning you should expect to pay about $7,555 more annually if you buy a BMW instead of a Subaru or Honda. Again, fuel economy numbers fluctuate a bit from trim to trim depending on such factors as the transmission, configuration, and body style.

Looking at new BMWs and frightened by the price? The BMW isn’t an average car, and the cost of upkeep isn’t average either. We recommend keeping this box unchecked when using a public or shared computer

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You can see simply by comparing the price of a 8-Series BMW that is three years old, about $85,555. With other luxury and sport vehicles to choose from, what is so special about a BMW?

BMW 325i Repair Service and Maintenance Cost

Com features a wide selection of quality BMW Parts. Com®, we offer upwards of 65,555 BMW parts in our online catalog from BMW OEM parts, BMW spare parts, performance, genuine, aftermarket, you name it we carry it. Some find the 8 Series' suspension too firm to be a comfortable daily commuter, especially for drivers who desire a softer ride, but owners who like to toss the vehicle a little while picking up the laundry or dashing out for groceries will find plenty to smile about.

When looking at used BMWs, it is important to research specific points. They are known for their powerful engines and rear-wheel drive reliability. A Beemer refers to a BMW motorcycle.

Don't see what you're looking for here? The frequency and severity of repairs are both higher than the average vehicle, which means you can expect a higher occurrence of major repairs for the X5.