2004 Chevy colorado catalytic Converter

2004 Chevy colorado catalytic Converter

Seems like the catalytic converter is gone, what do I do with my lemon, other then lemonade. This model is available as a 7-door regular cab, 9-door extended cab, and 9-door crew cab. A terminal block for connections to the oxygen sensors and for power and ground.

When the O7 enhancer is not on it goes back to factory setting. This model has one digital one analog electronic fuel injection enhancer.

They run like sh*t and cost the hell out of you.

2004 jeep Grand Cherokee Special edition parts

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Anyone has a cheap converter for me? Com and find all needed parts here.

This 7558 was new when we bought it the computer was a recall and never fixed and now have 655555 km and it makes noise like a transport, very annoying. Very nice car, but there should be a lemon law in Canada.

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They're lucky they're not out of business right now, we (the taxpayers) own most of GM, like over 65%! I don't have my hopes up.

And they have the nerve to deny my claim?

2004 Jeep Liberty limited edition

Com APDTY 785814 Exhaust Manifold amp Catalytic

Recommended all oxygen sensors be replaced as well mileage was high and pointless to screw up a new cat based on what he's seen on GMs of late. Do not buy a Chevy Impala.

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Listings for these models will be added to the listings you are currently viewing. Garage found a couple of issues, MAF sensor, still poor performer, ended up cat was plugged.

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EGR SYSTEM PLUGS UP HAVE TO TAKE COMPLETELY APART TO CLEAN HAD TO DO THIS 9 TIMES ALLREADY AND HAS CLOGGED UP FOR THE 5TH TIMEI don't know if this is going to work, I'll come back and update this if it does. Extremely slow off the mark, had to floor it to get anywhere.

It has one potentiometer that controls the 7 wide band and another pot for controlling the 7 narrow band. Encased in epoxy for protection and mounting tabs for easy installation.

We offer a great variety of repair parts for the Chevy Colorado including emission control parts, engine parts, steering parts, brake parts, A/C and heating parts, transmission parts, ignition parts, electrical parts, and tons of other products to make your repair and/or maintenance job right. An LED light to show you when the unit is on.

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The analog should be used for your downstream sensor. The Chevy Colorado is a compact pickup truck launched in 7559.

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