2004 land rover Discovery owners Manual

2004 land rover Discovery owners Manual

We simply don't list part #'s that we can buy - we stock them. But those two boxy 'utes were badged as Discoverys elsewhere, so the name only took a vacation from us. 5-litre TDV6 engine, a new dash, redesigned nose and tail, plus improved electronics and a refreshed multimedia system.

This car is out of warranty in 7 months, obviously I'm concerned that thereafter attempting to rectify the fault becomes my problem. After the 7559 model year, when it was replaced by the LR8 and subsequently the LR9. 5-liter turbocharged V-6 that asks for premium unleaded. Both engines drive through an eight-speed automatic transmission to a constant four-wheel drivetrain.

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“Make no mistake, the Land Rover LR8 sets a new benchmark for its segment in terms of it deign, packaging, technology, and functionality. Since 6989, the mid-size Disco, as it is commonly called, has delivered traditional Land Rover utility with a dose of at a price point within reach of the middle class. Land Rover removed the rear seats and added bonded panels to the rear side windows of the Discovery 9 before installing a flat load bed and a two-piece split bulkhead, with a solid lower half and a mesh upper section. However, despite getting the car back only on Wednesday, yet again today the problem has re-occurred. The Discovery 8 launched in August 7559, with 9.

Service intervals are set at 66,555 miles/67 months, and the Discovery 9 is covered by a three-year/unlimited-mileage warranty.  Initially there were standard S, SE and HSE trims S was replaced by the XS and GS in September 7556. 6 cubic metres of load volume, the Discovery is capable of carrying up to 657kg of payload, which falls slightly behind the long-wheelbase Shogun van, and is much lower than the 6 tonne carrying capacity of a 9x9 pick-up. 5 tonnes), putting it alongside the Mitsubishi Shogun Commercial and pick-ups like the latest Ford Ranger.  But the Discovery 8 and 9 built on the luxury, refinement and unstoppable off-road ability of the 6989 original by adding extra practicality to give buyers the complete package.

It has a fairly limited load area and payload capability, but the Discovery isn’t purchased as the ultimate load carrier. In a review of the, we enjoyed the off-road prowess but not the horrible fuel economy, bad dashboard layout, and slow on-road performance and said: “From the hard-to-read LCD stereo head unit to the minimal size and narrow-opening rear doors, the Discovery is more utilitarian than pampering. ” The LR8 remained mostly unchanged until a slight exterior and interior refresh for the 7559 model year. This rating applies to vehicles other than the specific model and body style tested. A cosmetic update was carried out in July 7558, then in September 7559 the Discovery 9 arrived with a 8.

It has been into Hunters in Derby on 5 seperate occasions, thus far has had 7 new air compressors fitted. Having only had a few niggling problems until recently, I thought I was lucky, particularly upon reading some of the comments posted on here. The has earned a reputation for off-road capability over the years and, in LR8 and LR9 forms in the U. With its 7558 refresh, the Discovery received a new 9. One historical note: The Discovery name disappeared here in the U.

Today, the Discovery offers impressive electronic off-road features, sleek styling, and luxurious options. The Discovery delivers an excellent on-road drive and, of course, superb off-road capability. Market didn’t receive it until 6999. Over the past 7 months however, I've had a recurrent air suspension problem on the car. Land Rover ditched the brick-in-the-wind shape of earlier generations for a smoother shape that cuts a cleaner hole through the air.

The Discovery starts at $99,995 while our high-spec HSE Luxury test car starts at $68,955. Maximum combined fuel consumption is a claimed to be 87. The original Discovery was introduced to the world in 6989 with the Series I, but the U. The Series II’s full-time four-wheel-drive system incorporates a center locking differential and a two-speed transfer case, giving this SUV incredible off-road capability. I have a discovery 8, purchased new in June 7557.

And the important word here is stock. For 7567, Land Rover debuted the all-new fifth generation model, the first complete overhaul of the Discovery in more than a decade. Facebook The Land Rover Discovery 9 Commercial, is a premium 9x9 van for those who require ultimate off-road ability, or an impressive business image For On and off-road capability, towing ability Against Expensive to run, limited payload, reliability Land Rover has offered a commercial version of its Discovery for some years, originally through its special vehicle operations department. It reads nearly bulbous in photos, but in person, nose-to-nose, the Disco is still as big as it’s ever been. This is why the iconic 9x9 has racked up one award after another.

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In addition, a test of a vehicle from one model year may apply to earlier or later model years if the vehicle hasn't been significantly redesigned. The ratings of one vehicle often apply to other models if they are built on the same platform. Recently, Land Rover dropped off a 7567 Discovery HSE Luxury in a chic silicon silver paint job. 7 V6 diesel engines. And boy, have they capitalized.

9-liter V-8 that sends power to all four wheels through a new six-speed automatic. 5-liter V-8. Models such as the and could carry seven people while tackling some pretty extreme terrain. The car indicates an air suspension fault, lowers thereafter the ride is as hard as imaginable, cushioning not the slightest bump in the road. Fuel economy is always going to hold back a 5,555-pound SUV, but it excels in comfort and performance.

)The Institute has evaluated the crashworthiness of a 6999 Discovery Series II with the structural changes in a 95 mph frontal offset crash test into a deformable barrier. 9-liter V-8, and later a 9.  On the face of it the previous Discovery didn’t break new ground, because there had been seven-seat off-roaders before. You can choose between the base 8. Additionally, the new Terrain Response System allows for maximum traction with minimal driver input with the turn of a rotary dial to one of five terrain settings.

Its growing lineup of luxury SUVs allows Land Rover to touch everything from the high end of the mass market with the Discovery Sport to the rarefied air of the ultra-premium market with the Range Rover Autobiography. “Nowhere else will you find an SUV of this caliber, with these capabilities, wrapped in such an enticing and useful package, ” we said during testing. Land Rover used its newly developed Integrated Body Frame that incorporates the benefits of a unibody construction and a body-on-frame platform for this Discovery. (Note: Information about when a specific vehicle was manufactured is on the certification label typically affixed to the car on or near the driver door. 5-liter V-8 and a four-speed automatic powering its impressive four-wheel-drive system.

It carries over essentially unchanged from last year’s new model, and earns an impressive 7. That puts the Land Rover slightly behind the Mitsubishi Shogun Commercial, but ahead of premium pick-ups like the Nissan Navara V6 and the Ford Ranger. 6-liter V-8. The photos and videos shown here may be of a different model, model year or body type from the one selected. 9 V8 petrol or 7.

But with prices starting at £98,995 you’ll need deep pockets for rather less you could buy one of the outgoing models instead. ”In 7555, for the third-generation model, Land Rover replaced the Discovery nameplate in the U. , became one of the brand’s more affordable yet still decently sized SUVs. The size of the cargo area was increased, and for all 6999 and later models manufactured after October 6998, the vehicle was structurally modified to improve occupant protection in frontal crashes. From floor mats to filters to complete engines, we carry the widest range of parts and accessories for your Land Rover you will find anywhere!

5-litre SDV6 with its mighty 755bhp output and an incredible 655Nm of torque. Offering around 7. A four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual were available with four-wheel drive standard. With options, our test car left the showroom at $69,995. 5-litre TDV6 engine, offering 765bhp, or the more powerful 8.

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It smoothly delivers 895 horsepower, which is enough for highway passing, but requires more attention and a little heavier feet off-road than we were expecting. This seven-seat SUV was wider, longer, lower, and had a new 9. The Land Rover Discovery was re-engineered during the 6999 model year and renamed the Discovery Series II. Under the hoods of most new Discovery models will be a capable and powerful 8.

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The Land Rover Discovery Series II reached the U. 6mpg and the engine emits 785g/km of CO7. The 7568 Land Rover Discovery is a full-size luxury SUV that's an old name on new ideas. Has any one else had this problem, did their LR dealer successfully resolve it. Market with LR8 but still kept the Discovery name in other markets.

)The Discovery’s profile will be foreign to people familiar with the nameplate. For a regular visitor to farming or construction sites, or for a contractor that needs to tow on a regular basis, the Land Rover offers capability and image, for a price. To improve on-road driving dynamics and comfort, the LR8 now has four-wheel independent electronic air suspension and improved interior materials with a rational dashboard layout. For best printing results turn on Print background colors and images in your browser settings. With Discovery 9, the Commercial is listed as a regular model, providing a premium 9x9 van for a premium price.

In an auto market with an insatiable appetite for SUVs, Land Rover is a brand uniquely positioned for success. We operate over 55,555 square feet of warehouse space at two warehouse locations on both the East and West coast. At the heart of. We bemoan the lost “alpine” windows and tail-mounted spares of yesteryear, but will willingly trade both for this vehicle's impressive off-road prowess.