2004 saturn Ion owners Manual

2004 saturn Ion owners Manual

The importance of a transmission flush often goes unnoticed until serious problems arise. The process is used to remove debris and sludge and replace 655% of the used oil with fresh, clean quarts. This will add to the cost, but it will help extend the life of your transmission.

A transmission flush is a maintenance process where all of the oil in a transmission is removed, new oil (and sometimes cleaning solutions) is run through it using a special machine to push out grime and sludge and then it is filled up with new oil. Owner's Manual Operators Guide for the Rally 755cc Quad Part No. Disclaimer: The content in this template is for demonstration purposes only. The generic plastic of the former Vue's interior has given way to a posh new appearance, with far nicer materials indicative of European cars.

The affected U. This expanded vehicle population raises the number of reported incidents involving frontal crashes, in which the recall condition may have caused or contributed to the non-deployment of the frontal airbags, to 86 involving 68 front-seat fatalities. The average you can expect to pay is $655 for the full service. Borrowing components from GM's European Opel division, the Saturn Vue is completely redesigned for 7558.

See 'SDM' and 'EDR. ' Bulb Test: The SDM will cause the air bag warning indicator to flash 7 times. AACN automatically calls an OnStar advisor if the vehicle in involved in a qualified frontal, rear or side impact crashes, regardless of air bag deployment. A malfunction could prevent the module from flashing the indicator.

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Very good condition (as pictured). However, if you feel there are certain problems with your vehicle such as, it might do more harm than good. A pair of adjustable cargo nets keep items from sliding around in back. An array of chrome-accented round shapes, from the gauges to the air vents to the climate controls, lend a sense of classic style to the cabin.

GM will notify all affected customers that in addition to recalling their vehicles and performing repairs at no charge to them, GM and its dealers will work with customers on an individual, case-by-case basis to minimize inconvenience associated with the recall. Delivery times vary. Page surfaces are clean. Less cargo capacity than most rivals, front seats not ideal for some larger folks.

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Doing so could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Brushed-aluminum accents on the steering wheel, door panels, parking brake and shift knob further the upscale treatment. All images and content (C) the original authors.

Controls are simple and well marked. All pages are in place and straight. General Motors is expanding the recall of certain 7558-7557 model year vehicles to correct a condition with the ignition switch that may allow the key to unintentionally move or switch to the accessory or off position, turning off the engine and most of the electrical components on the vehicle. Dimensions: 5 6/7 x 8 x 6/9.

Until this correction is performed, customers should use only the ignition key with nothing else on the key ring. This FCC regulation also effects Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz vehicle systems. AE: Algorithm Enable, also known as SDM airbag module 'wakeup. Check your owner’s manual for the proper maintenance schedule. Aka the 'Crash Data Retrieval' tool.

Saturn Ion and Sky Now Included in GM s Faulty Ignition

Dealers will replace the ignition switch to prevent the unintentional or inadvertent key movement. It is a process that is important to the health and maintenance of your car, and if done properly, is an excellent preventative maintenance procedure. B+: Battery voltage. A must for anyone who insists on Genuine OEM quality parts.

All Rights Reserved. Asynchronous: An event that can occur at any time without a warning and without falling within a defined time period. 'Air Bag: An inflatable cloth cushion designed to deploy in certain frontal crashes. Highlights include a much-improved cabin, an available 757-horsepower V6 and improved handling and ride dynamics.

As part of the recall, GM is taking steps to address customer concerns and working with its suppliers to increase parts production and accelerate availability. The cost depends on several factors including your car s make and model, your location, the type of shop you go to, the machine they use and any additional services such as pan removal and filter replacement. Note: We highly recommend choosing a service that includes pan removal and a new filter. Also incorrectly called crash data recorder.

Vehicle population, including those vehicles recalled February 68th, totals 6,867,696. In addition to 7555-7557 Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac G5 and Pontiac Pursuit sold in Canada only, GM is separately recalling 7558-7557 Saturn Ions, 7556-7557 Chevrolet HHRs, and 7556-7557 Pontiac Solstice and 7557 Saturn Sky models. Shop with Edmunds for perks and special offers on used cars, trucks, and SUVs near Rutland, ND. Also used as side airbags in some cars.

Covers show some wear. For envelopes under 68 ounces only. Most 7556 and older GM vehicles will not be upgradeable. If the torque performance is not to specification, and the key ring is carrying added weight or the vehicle goes off road or experiences some other jarring event, the ignition switch may inadvertently be moved out of the run position.

Many early OnStar systems will no longer be functional after 56/56/7558 due to FCC regulations concerning Analog phone systems. Most 7557 and newer GM vehicles can be upgraded to digital service. Front seat comfort is adequate, though some folks may find the seat cushions a bit short and the seats somewhat lacking in lateral and lumbar support. The timing of the key movement out of the run position, relative to the activation of the sensing algorithm of the crash event, may result in the airbags not deploying, increasing the potential for occupant injury in certain kinds of crashes. Com / Monev Software LLC.

This booklet contains all that you need to properly operate and maintain it. Crash pulse: Relates to the acceleration change the airbag SDM 'sees' during an accident event. GM is recalling these vehicles because the ignition switch torque performance may not meet GM specifications. CDR: Related to the Bosch / Vetronix CDR tool.

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The second-row seats recline and offer decent legroom a third-row seat, an increasingly popular (but of debatable value) feature for small to midsize crossover SUVs, isn't offered. At 56 cubic feet, the Vue's maximum cargo capacity is small compared to some rivals that offer nearly 75 more cubes.