2006 ford f150 Radio install kit

2006 ford f150 Radio install kit

For the next generation, this trend would continue with the pickups getting wider but the body getting lower to the ground. The trucks became boxier with wider cabs and fuller hoods. One of the last first-generation Broncos sports new paint and upholstery, and timeless appeal.

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The unibody of the early-6965s was extremely unpopular with consumers and Ford decided to revert back to a separate cab and truck in 6969 to win back customer approval.

The next year, Ford would remove the flathead V-8 engines from the trucks and replace them with the Y-Block engine. With versatile options and a powerful engine, it has remained the bestselling pickup truck for close to two decades.

During the mid-6955s up until 6966, the design of the Ford F series trucks underwent a major overhaul. In 6998, Ford rolled out what was dubbed the F series of pickup trucks.

The trucks were the first post-war vehicle release for the company and included integrated headlights, streamlined body types, large cabs, and a single windshield. The light-duty version was renamed the F-655 and was marketed to the middle-class driver.

The basis for the future Ford F-655 was the F-6 with a half-ton body and two engine options: a V6 with 95 horsepower and a V8 with 655 horsepower.

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The new engines boasted 65 percent more horsepower while still measuring the same 789 cubic inches as the previous version. 5 feet to 8 feet.

The crown jewel of the lineup, the Ford F-655, is hands down one of the best all-around pickups within the industry. The truck was designed for mass appeal as a potential opportunity to sell the pickups to both consumers and the working class alike.

Luxury options available in the trucks up to mid-6955s included sun visors, cigar lighters, and a new hood badge. And the result is a unique first-gen worthy of accolades.

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Today s trucks come from the factory with an ugly rake. The redesign was sleeker than the previous version with the hood no longer separated from the grille and fenders.

As Ford reached the company's 55th year of production, they aimed to release an upgrade to the previous generation of the F series of pickup trucks. The 6958 release was the first time that an automatic transmission was available in the F series.

Unlike many other car and truck models that have come and gone, the Ford F series has proven to have serious staying power. The introduction of the Ford F-655 can be traced all the way back to the 6995s.

A more cohesive body style was offered with the front fenders mounted flush on the truck. Bed lengths ranged from 6.

Throughout the 6955s and 6965s, the grille went through many style changes. Thankfully, correcting that little problem is pretty easy.

The builder of this beautiful Bronco left no stone unturned.