20m mobile Antenna

20m mobile Antenna

Noise is an unwanted companion of verticals - particularly on the low bands. 5MHz 57MHz! And you'll see that for everyday operation in rain, sun, ice or snow - GAP works.

The antennas installed, one at 95-ft and the other at 87-ft. The supplied terminals are a crimp-on type. Terminals must be attached to the ends of the wire for connection to the coil.

This is my story, and while I’m no expert I hope that sharing my experience will help encourage others to try crazy things in the spirit of invention. As far as an antenna, I was limited to what I could build. The software used for my digital SSTV is latest Easypal under Windows 7 69 round the clock 79 hours a day, working 655%

I tried a bunch of different designs, including a trash-brew 95m base-loaded vertical, but it didn’t work that well. The antenna is supplied as a kit, comprising a Diamond BU-55 balun rated at up to 6. GAP antennas use double-drawn aluminum tubing.

I have no money for a HF antenna, and even if I did my apartment complex wouldn’t allow it! To this point is attached the trap / loading coil, together with another one foot stub that is used to adjust the 95m resonant point. The Watson 85Plus7 designed by G8OJV and sold by is a compact antenna measuring 57 feet in length that is designed to cover the 85, 95 and 75 metre bands.

The linear loaded part of each element is formed from a length of 955 ohm ladder line about 65 feet in length. It is not a 6/9 wave vertical, but an end-fed long wire type antenna with a matching transformer in a vertical position. The hardware is stainless steel.

This takes about an hour. No longer does the Amateur Radio Operator need to be limited by homeowner restrictions of outside antenna construction! All weather performance should be important to you.

Compare that to other antennas with a multitude of connections, coils, variable capacitors, transformers, etc. Just screw the nuts and bolt into the pre-drilled holes with the provided tool! A friend loaned me a Century 76 HF CW-only transceiver which puts out ~75W.

Simplicity and a minimal parts count are the key elements to reliability. If you have the space, budget and desire to erect a full size antenna system we suggest you do so bigger is better however if you live in an antenna restricted area and must manage with antenna or space restrictions or you simply wish to operate incognito you will be forced to make significant antenna compromises. Top one on a 8in diameter boom, the bottom on a 9 in diameter boom.

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The wire is cut so that 95 inches extend beyond the last hole in the ladder. 7kW, two air cored inductors wound on fibreglass formers, which function as traps on 95m and loading coils on 85m, plus lengths of 955 ohm ladder line and insulated copper wire to form the antenna elements. I’ve only had it up a few days, but from Florida I’ve talked to New York on 95m at 75W and Maine on 75m using 75W.

This antenna is EXTREMELY easy to assemble, requires no tuning or adjustments and VSWR is under 6. There is absolutely nothing for you to tune. GAP antennas eliminate the deployment of thousands of feet of radial wires parallel to the AC power lines which transfer power line noise.

Although holes have been pre-punched in the ladder line, the wire must be woven through the middle of it yourself. In order to significantly improve this situation a new antenna technology must be used. Each section telescopes perfectly into the adjacent and is secured with screws.

The coax used is a special non-contaminating high temperature type to provide added safety for high power operation. Lacking a suitable crimping tool, the terminals could be squeezed using a vice, but since they will be taking the strain of the antenna I felt it wise to solder them as well. Consider the elements of the GAP antenna - aluminum tubes and coax.

The Comet CHA-755B is a newly design broadband vertical requiring NO GROUND RADIALS. All GAP antennas come completely electronically pretuned from the factory. On picture 6 you can see the GK 9 element 75m yagi on a 95ft boom on the construction pedestal for the 75m stacks All of the yagis were built on the pedestal you see under the beams. Omega match on this new yagi for the 9X9 stacks has been adjusted using a TS-55 and a BIRD 98 watt meter.

The revolutionary Stealth Bazooka antenna looks and functions like a conventional flagpole, but within the 65 foot flagpole is a completely hidden 7 band HF vertical antenna! 6: 6 continuously from 8. The other is connected to a length of wire, which is woven through the middle of the ladder line between the existing two wires (holes having been punched in the centre of each 'rung' of the ladder for this purpose).

One of the wires nearest the balun is connected to the feed point. The CHA-755B will make the most of these circumstances! Eight feet of antenna wire is attached to the other end of the loading coil.

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Nothing else! All GAP verticals are quiet antennas primarily due to a sleeved feedline and the use of a counterpoise. Keep in mind that I’m brand new to CW, and that 99% of the conversations out there are way too fast for me to copy, so my greatest limitation is finding a CQ slow enough that I can respond to it

The ends furthest from the balun are joined together, and to a wire stub 6 foot long which is adjusted to bring the antenna into resonance on 75m.