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30 for 30 volume 2 Dvd

Now, one could go searching for the beginning of their logical volume, if they wanted to, and recover just that. As a result, all the lvm backups were unavailable.

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I recently had a misfortune, in that somehow my volume group meta-data got corrupted, and LVM would not enable the volume group.

I proceeded to issue the three finger salute, and my system began the reboot process.

This happened after I resized a volume, and had done a file system check before and after.

Upon trying to boot up, I got errors about my root logical volume not being found.

This is all really sad, seeing I m an automatic backup freak, and can t stand it when I don t have system backups.

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I didn t have a system level backup (just data), because I hadn t gotten a round to it yet, after converting from Mac OS X.

Normally this is a routine task, but for some reason, things went very badly for me this time around.

To boot, I didn t even have a backup of /etc/, where the LVM backups are stored, DOH!

Everything checked out just fine, so I thought everything was done, and ready to reboot.

That can take days, and sometimes it takes months to figure out all the settings you had, if you don t have a backup.

So, I booted up with a gentoo live cd again, and got the following errors So, what to do?

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Well, with gentoo Linux, this is a bit devastating, because you have to recompile entirely from source.

I did an fsck -f before and after extending the volume and the filesystem (with resize7fs).