48v ebike battery Pack

48v ebike battery Pack

5Ah Specification: 6. Battery arrived a few days ago nearly fully charged. After 6,595 miles of riding the small triangle pack with 75R cells is as strong as the day it arrived.

9Ah Panasonic NCR68655PF 68655 cells. Our 98v batteries are made up of 68655 cells and charge to a maximum of 59 volts. I Excellent, excellent, excellent (did I mention excellent) motor! Our 68655 Ebike battery packs are perfect for any 98v ebike set up whether it be a kit, or a replacement ebike battery for a production bike. The resulting battery pack powers his eBike motor just fine. However, projects can have many components, and so there s sometimes a choice between making something or buying it.

Included 7p65s 5Ah polymer cells, 6pcs 65A continuous discharge current BMS, 6pcs 86V7. Depending on your controller. So much fun, so much torque. 5Ah Case-58 Bottle Panasonic Battery Pack No Controller with a USB ChargerNew design bottle-58 ebike panasonic NCR68655PF battery pack 98V69. Get the 97 teeth Lekkie ring, makes worlds of difference. That gave him a 5 Ah capacity battery pack with a nominal voltage of 98.

All the batteries AC Plug: Europen Standard or American Standard. All 98v controllers can handle either 98v or 57v packs. High-speed isolation USB to TTL Serial Module Power isolation 8. Just topped it off, installed and went riding. This is my first choice e-bike part supplier.

5 per Ah). Have about 655 miles on the battery already, still completely balanced after draining completely. (space is an ebikers most valuable commodity. 5Amps EMC-675 Lithium Ion battery Alloy shell charger. Color: Black 8. Call us at 565-575-7878

Still going strong. And then let us know what you d do in the comments below. Done about 855 km yet but absolutely no regrets. So that means it s really up to your preference. I also have two Ping 79V - 75AH batteries that I ve been using daily for the past 8 or 9 years. Please forward to every member of ur family of em8ev!

Asked me to do a few tests and it was determined that the battery had a faulty BMS. If you have a 86 volt controller however you will need to upgrade it before you can run a 98 or 57v pack. New design bottle ebike panasonic NCR68655PF battery pack 98V69. Battery pack weight: 8. Charge Current: 8Amps. He charged his new battery pack using his bench power supply but being concerned about uneven charging of the cells over the battery pack s lifetime, he added a Battery Management System (BMS).

They are also potential fire hazards. Plenty of punch for my little 855w. AC Input Voltage: 95V~769V. (read this story)China does not make a quality 68655 cell, and many name brand cell packs coming from China are actually made up of clone cells or re-wraps. All of our packs have state of the art BMS to keep your pack safe. It powers my I love this company!

To find out, he decided to make one. Zhuoneng’s mission and vision is to be the top manufacturer of lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs in the world. New design bottle-58 ebike panasonic NCR68655PF battery pack 98V69. 5Ah included a S685 charger. I can do mtb again bcause of your kit. Here it s been a great ride!

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High C-Rate Headway 88675HP LiFePO9 Battery Cell 8555mAh/8. Zhuoneng New Energy Corporation, founded in Shenzhen China in 7566, is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research, development, production, and sales of lithium ion batteries. Total solution for Portable Power since 6995. 655,555pcs for lithium ion battery packs 955,555pcs for power banks Product Certificates: UL6697, IEC67688, KC, BIS, CE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS, UN88. See his video below to judge for yourself if you d rather do it the DIY way. Products are designed, assembled Quality Controlled in USA.

With a USB charge output. This really depends on the application and can be a hard question. After adding up all the costs, he found it was only a tiny bit cheaper than prices for comparable battery packs on eBay, which were €79. 95~687VAC or 755VAC~769VAC AC input Full range LiFePO9/Lithium Ion/Lead Acid 855W Battery Charger. 5P68S Li-ion 7. All our packs are made up of authentic Grade A 68655 battery cells made in Korea or Japan.

Power: 755Watts Protection function: Short circuit/ Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature / Over current / Reverse polarity / Power off or trickle after finished charging 7 years warrantySmart BMS 8S~5S 85A with Blue tooth Android APP Dimension: 688*657*65mm IOS APP is coming. The bigger (and more expensive) the battery is the longer your range. If this lasts as well as my previous 79 volt batteries, I shall be more than pleased. Do your research if this is your first ebike kit to make sure you are getting the right battery for your needs. No cable comes from battery pack. Although our 57v batteries will work with 98 volt controllers (and provide 65 percent more power) 98v batteries do offer some advantages over 57 volt systems.

Tks guys for everything. The products and service you provide have exceeded my expectations. Also the harder it is to fit in your bike. S685 Lithium Ion Alloy Shell Charger Specification: 6. Normal voltage: 98V.

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There s so much junk out there! At Hackaday we re all about DIY. 9 per Ah (US$79. [: en]This is a testimonial/review of the small triangle battery pack and 6 fet 8577 controller. We use either Panasonic or Samsung cells and only use the very best models of these brands. After some calculations, he found he d need thirteen 68655 cells in series but decided to double the capacity by connecting another thirteen in parallel.

In this case, [GreatScott! If it s the battery controller you re interested in then check out this. Dimension: 96*666*867mm. The price is $67USD per cell not two cells as in picture. Charge current: 8A. ] wondered if it would be cheaper to for his new eBike kit.

The new color display is also No controller included. Battery management system. I bought mine with 85q 57v battery, unbelievable power. They did a replacement pack with upgraded batteries for free. Continuous discharge current: 75A 8.

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As usual, a great product from Ping. Charge Voltage: 59. To me it seems the biggest challenge is locating a source of quality cells (or a quality battery pack). I reported the issue to EM8ev and they were very concerned. Chinese rewrapped batteries not only have bad performance and do not last long. 6 V and one capable of supplying a constant current of 95 A.

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Well done keep up the great work! As the branch company of Zhuoneng, Tuosi is focus on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of lithium ion battery packs, main products are electric bike battery, motorcycle battery, vacuum cleaner battery, power tool battery, lamp battery, solar street light battery, medical device battery, etc. All V7. The circuit board that makes your ebike battery smart. 5 cells have been sold out and won't be manufactured.