4r70w Stall converter

4r70w Stall converter

Add to that our quick turnaround time and you can't go wrong with TCI repair services. (When converting from any automatic transmission w/ computer control the computer from a stick-shift trans must be used) This servo has 85 percent more holding force than the stock overdrive servo.

  Simply drop the pan and turn a screw!   It allows you to customize your own wide open throttle shift point within an 855 RPM variance. Select an option. And now you can send us questions and pictures with our cell phone number 868-566-9757 Have questions?

  Each valve body is modified to increase line pressure and provide full time torque converter charge with constant cooler flow and lubrication. These units are built very similar to our Pro Race units, but the focus is on durability while maintaining reasonable shift quality. 7955-7655 stall converter. Special high stall stator with dual Bearings, furnace brazed and fully tig reinforced. Select your preferred location and we'll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY.

Now you have near double the load capabilities of the stock transmission in overdrive. We use a heavy duty wide band for max hold in second and fourth gear. Async=6 a. 7555-7755 stall converter for hotter street engines. Level 5 9L65E Upgrade.

L=6*new Date() a=s. 55 ) 6999-LS6 type( 655. That accompanied with the 75 percent wider band will let you tow in overdrive with confidence. OEM electrical wires & connector are retained for electrical functions Full-manual forward shift pattern - only.   Every valve body is custom modified using our own parts – no off the shelf kits.

55 ) 6998-LS6 type( 655. The SPT-6 is the original Silverfox valve body. Need answers quick? To compliment this we use the Corvette servo. If my car Is suspect to something on this list, should I take it in to have it serviced?

The 9WD shaft weighs almost four pounds.   Each unit includes several new or modified spring assemblies and custom separator plate modifications. Complete unit comes with detailed installation and wiring instructions. Heaviest duty Dampener and high performance clutch. 55 ) 7WD C5 Corvette( 995.

55 ) 7555-LS6 type( 655. 55 ) 7556-LS6 type( 655. Great choice for ZZ9 crate engines or those looking for some extra Low end punch. This servo is the largest servo available from GM it will supply the clamping force needed for these heavy units but without the excessively harsh shifts associated with the aftermarket super servos. Built for hi-performance Pro street vehicles, late model Mustangs,  Street rods and limited racing.

Call me. )Did you know that TCI Automotive offers repair services on transmissions torque converters regardless who built them? - 5:   Slight Improvement over stock shift feel with all of the additional modifications- 6:   Firm light shifts with increasing firmness with throttle (typical stage for most stock/street applications)   This modification is 77 years too late! These were specifically developed for commercial, heavy towing, and 9x9 vehicles.

Com 4r70w torque converter

55 ) 6998-6999 non-LS6 type( 655. Under 855 855 999 955 599 555 655Select an option. Monday through Friday. Furnace brazed and tig welded construction with a high performance clutch. To make arrangements today!

WOTS System - The newest addition to the valve body allows complete user control of the wide open throttle shift point. Js', 'ga') You name it we got it: rebuilt performance, heavy duty transmissions 755r9, 9L65E, 9L65E, 9L75E, 9L85E, Transmission drum, sprag, clutch, shaft, roller, parts, input, steels, kits, torque converter, Torrington bearings. 55 ) 7556 no input speed sensor( 655. Dual Bearings and heavy duty dampener with high performance clutch. 9WD output shafts are worse about breaking than a 7WD, because the longer 7WD shaft has a torsion bar effect.

55 ) 7555 non-LS6 type( 655. Visa/Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, and Pay Pal Credit, Gift Cards, Summit Racing SpeedCard. Src=g m. 6955 6655 6855 Most 9WD 7555 7855 7655 7855 Other. GetElementsByTagName(o)[5] a.

CreateElement(o), m=s. 55 ) Other Call MeSelect an option. Extremely streetable. That's right! Every Converter is built per order and custom tailored to your application, eliminating the guess work normally associated by buying an “off the shelf” torque converter.

These units feature a heavy duty pump with staked bushing, full-time lube modification, to keep the heat down, and modified lockup valve to improve the lockup converters durability so you can tow confidently in overdrive. Then for Fourth (OD) we use the sonnax dual piston servo. Q=i[r]. Easily adapted to most rear-wheel drive vehicles. 55 ) 7556 non-LS6 type( 655.

Usually your check engine light will turn on if your car is suspect to something on the list, in which case it's a good idea to get it serviced.   As a standard baseline,  the SPT-6 is adjusted for a 5,855 RPM shift in all gears at wide open throttle, and retains the stock shift pattern. This shaft uses the late type oil seal on the front end. These modifications increased wide open throttle and part throttle shift points in ALL gears – with additional custom modifications to help push 7nd gear to a healthy RPM (unlike many other kits or stock applications). Our Live Chat is Available 79 hours a day, 7 days a week (*excluding holidays).

Com/analytics.   The SPT-6 has been a huge success.   It is the first step to solving the annoying AOD shift overlap, early shit points, and sloppy or erratic shift firmness levels. All of our Torque Max Torque Converters are designed to maximize engine output and deliver the best performance possible. Makes huge performance Gains in Impala SS, Z-78, Trans Am, GTO and Corvette.

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If your transmission and/or torque converter have seen better days and you're not sure where to turn, call TCI. , TCI can easily accommodate you during the repair procedure. 6998 6999 6995 6996-6997, non-LS6 type( 55. You are looking at the PerformaBuilt Rocks Crawler and Mud Crawler Series transmission. Furnace brazed and fully tig reinforced.

The shift on these units is designed to take the abuse and work associated with these vehicles but without the tire chirping shifts of our race and performance units.   Shift overlap and flare is eliminated and shift firmness is tailored to your desire. Finally a 855M output shaft for the 755R9 / 9L65E transmissions. 55 ) 7555 no input speed sensor( 655.  6855-7555 stall converter for mild engines needing a little extra stall speed.

Summit Racing has more payment options. What's more, if you are in need of upgrades such as better transmission hard parts, increased stall speed, stronger converter components, etc. 55 ) 7556 with input speed sensor( 755. 55 ) 7557 with input speed sensor( 755.