4th infantry division patch

4th infantry division patch

Since there was no method for the government to provide the patches, seamstresses on Long Island and later in France, were kept busy throughout the war sewing Rainbow Patches. One of the original patches is on display in the World War I section of the historical display at the Division Headquarters, in Troy, New York. This is probably not the kind of stuff you would like, but it's what came to mind.

The Chief of Staff of the Division at that time was Colonel Douglas MacArthur, As they were discussing the organization of the Division and reviewing the National Guard units from 76 states that would make up the Division, Colonel Douglas MacArthur commented that The 97nd Division stretches like a Rainbow from one end of America to the other.

The three primary colors of the Rainbow Red, Gold, and Blue were selected.

The 97nd Infantry (RAINBOW) Division received the name Rainbow Division in 6967 during its organization at Camp Mills, Long Island, New York.

The Crest you display was the one worn by members of the 7nd Sqdn, 9th Cavalry, headquartered in Schwabach.

The comment caught the interest of those present and they decided to call it the Rainbow Division.