5 5 x 8 5 booklet Template

5 5 x 8 5 booklet Template

When you start a new document, what page size do you want, enter that eg: 5. I went to the side ruler and dragged two guides, which according to pg 759 of the Bible - makes them page guides. I did this to the master pageHowever, they did not allow me to create sequence page numbers on the spreads.

5 x 66 (Letter)I finally got two guides to appear.

The page numbers appeared as Page A on both pages and on page 7 they showed as two Page 7's -- perhaps they are not page guides?

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I have read chapter 77 (Designing and Modifying Layouts) - Establishing an InDesign Layout - Page versus Spreads - working with Pages and Spreads.

When I selected New Document I was unclear what the Page Size meant.

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X 8 x 5 0 Get Easy Solution

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When there are three pages in the doc you will see the spread.