5 in 1 usb

5 in 1 usb

It is the easiest way to carry data with you, but not always the safest way. It is a portable application, which means no installation is required and you can take it to any computer with no problems. The software has a very friendly interface, meaning that it has no hidden functions or menu. The most secure way to protect your USB with this tool is to use the Pro method, because it will increase your protection level.

It has the power to connect you with a whole new world of PC experiences.

To avoid such problems, there is a lightweight, nifty tool called USB Defender.

Nowadays you need more and more to transfer information and you may find yourself using a USB drive on a daily basis.

You cannot miss the two buttons available: Protect and Unprotect however, these are not the only options present in the application.

Figures show an alarming number of PCs already infected and ready to spread the threats even more.

Inf file from running and no file is automatically executed the moment you hook the drive to a computer.

USB is your instant connection to the fun of digital photography or the limitless creative possibilities of digital imaging.

This means that the application will block autorun.

When choosing to protect your removable drive USB Defender will actually prevent autorun.

Once you've tried USB, we think you'll grow quite attached to it!

You can use the Pro method, only if your account has administrator rights.

You can use USB to connect with other people through the power of PC-telephony and video conferencing.