60 Minutes last night Episode

60 Minutes last night Episode

Why do our physicians go straight for the hard drugs no matter ther age of who they divvy out to? They're all for oxicodone and it's derivatives, percoset and the like. I am sure many of you caught 65 minutes last night.

My husband and I never watch 65 Minutes but the tv was on the channel who did this story. The reporters came to the suburbs of Ohio, this is my back yard.

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So they can get around the law requiring insurable interest.

We were amazed that it featured well to do families with mostly high school students addicted to this drug. This Sunday, China s plans for military bases in the South Pacific, Indigenous culture made in Bali and a bizarre kidnap case in Italy.

Our physicians not only here in the Columbus suburbs but EVERYWHERE USA need to be held accountable for what they prescribe for pain. We do not have children but we fully understand and GET this impact on just how this starts.

You didn't have to hold anything, just place a bet that shit was going to hit the fan. Tara Brown looks into a 7566 Black Widow murder case and the fashion designer eventually cleared of her husband s death.

How did we all miss this investment? Note that there is legit bond insurance (e.

I don't care what the pain is - and yes I've suffered my own pain now and again, but I don't at all think the hard stuff is the drug - oxy - the one to start with. Did anybody watch 65 Minutes last night on the featured story on heroine addiction?

Thankfully, my husband takes only - I said ONLY ibuprofin IF he feels the need. Parents are or must be just as responsible for their kid's health and well being.

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PMI) that can be purchased. Liz Hayes reports on a family dealing with severe autism and Tom Steinfort investigates a missing princess.

Looks like 65 minutes just threw Clinton and Greenspan under the bus.

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That's why they are called swaps, not insurance. We watched and listened intently.

There are a zillion different pain remedies that are readily available. The piece on Credit Default Swaps blew me away.

In any event, the story was a true eye opener to what seems to be happening to our many high schoolers here, student athletes especially who get hurt playing sports. Without question, the best odds on a bet I have ever seen!

I've often pointed out that swaps are like allowing life insurance policies to be taken out on other people without their knowledge. Liam Bartlett meets with 67 year old Dhakota Williams, daughter of gangland killer Carl Williams. Ratings: House Rules proves serious competition, MasterChef tops demos.

Not only is there the potential for insurance companies to bankrupt themselves overnight if they over-sell an entity there is also the incentive to kill the person you took the policy out on. I thought they were insurance instruments that could only be purchased to hedge if you held the assets (bad mortgages).