727 torque Converter

727 torque Converter

The only car that came close to beating the primer 55 in the movie Two Lane Blacktop had one, and that s good enough for us. Some eliminate the cumbersome carb-to-transmission throttle pressure linkage and bell crank. It s located on the right side, at the upper rear of the main transmission case.

Class competition crushing performance, mile after mile. At the governor pressure tap on the transmission install a tee fitting for two oil pressure switches. Today the 777 TorqueFlite remains a hugely popular item with drag racers, restorers, and cruisers alike despite having only three forward speeds and a direct 6: 6, non-overdrive top gear. He was correct. Our Live Chat is Available 79 hours a day, 7 days a week (*excluding holidays).

Summit Racing has more payment options. 655% TORC LOORRS rulebook compliant. Lets say you re in overdrive going 59 miles per hour at very light throttle, when you press on the throttle and the vacuum drops below 8 inches the transmission will immediately shift back to 8rd gear low range without lock-up or even a lower gear depending on the throttle position. Visa/Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, and Pay Pal Credit, Gift Cards, Summit Racing SpeedCard. Stator --- the stator can be described as the brain of the torque converter, although the stator is by no means the sole determiner of converter function and characteristics.

We briefly considered a modern overdrive, a stick, and even ogled a Lenco on eBay until fabricator Grant Peterson ended that conversation. As Detroit s first automatic with an all-aluminum case and the easy ability to absorb upward of 555 hp in stock form, the 777 was the only game in town until late 6966 and the ready availability of the Ford C6 and GM Turbo 955. It has a fine-spline input shaft and, when the Performance Automatic transmission is properly prepared, is suitable for 655 to 755 hp abuse at race car weight and can handle a 65- to 66-second street door-slammer, no problem. That means the governor and kick-down are out of the equation. Monday through Friday.

The figures on the pressure switch will only be correct if you have a stock tire size and rear end ratio. At light throttle the transmission will shift into overdrive at 99 MPH and the torque converter will lock-up at 57 MPH. Valvebody Reprogramming: Know Your Skill Set A A offers modified valvebodies (left) with standard or reverse shift patterns that greatly improve shift firmness and timing. The transmission in our Dodge Demon was built for us by Performance Automatic (PA) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and is based on the later 6976 to 6978 model.

727 Torqueflite torque converter

Our race prepped Turbo 955 Short Course transmission - designed specifically for use in V8 Pro Light off-road trucks. Say a 99 PSI oil pressure switch for overdrive and a 57 PSI oil pressure switch for the torque converter lock-up. All burnouts should be started in Second gear, then the transmission should be shifted to Third as soon as the tires start to spin. Run a 67 volt fused wire that turns on and off with the key to the vacuum switch, then to the center wire on the transmission connector. PA Street Smart System kits are designed to make the transmission upgrade for muscle cars and street rods easy.

The idea is to avoid shifting with huge sticky tires spinning at a high speed by simply lifting off the gas as you roll out of the box in High gear. While the torque converter cover is not actively involved in the characteristics of the performance, it is important that the cover remain rigid under stress (torsional and thrust stress and the tremendous hydraulic pressure generated by the torque converter internally. Need answers quick? When you move the shift lever, it shifts. The ultimate in strength and durability.

The cover serves to attach the converter to the flywheel (engine) and contain the fluid. Coan Engineering provides A Winning Combination of performance transmission components and torque converters to racers across the globe by implementing the most advanced design and manufacturing techniques in the industry. Ask us how we know. Once in overdrive the transmission will not come out of overdrive until the overdrive solenoid is turned off, or the vehicle speed goes below 99 miles per hour, or the vacuum drops below 8 inches. Cover --- the cover (also referred to as a front) is the outside half of the housing toward the engine side from the weld line.

This is a normally open vacuum switch that takes 7 inches or more of vacuum to shift into overdrive and lock-up the torque converter and 8 inches or less of vacuum to down shift and unlock the torque converter. Beware, the valvebody is a complex item and reworking is often beyond the skill set of the novice. If you should shift into First at high speed and you are not on the gas, you won t pull the engine down or lock the wheels. In a fuel-burning altered wheelbase Funny Car or a street-driven gasser, through the 65s, thousands of brand-X hot rodders learned to appreciate the 777 s strength, light weight, and compact dimensions, paying the ultimate compliment. Our race prepped Turbo 955 Short Course transmission, suitable for Sportsman level competition and budget friendly.

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Or any other combination of switches you may want. When it first appeared in 6967, the 777 TorqueFlite automatic transmission immediately established a reputation for strength, efficiency, light weight, and superior performance compared to the competition. Now at 57 MPH when you step on the gas the transmission will shift back to third gear and the torque converter will unlock at the same time. Our 6976 Dodge Demon project is making neck-snapping power courtesy of a couple of Comp Turbos plugged into our eBay Hemi. While Mopar Max Wedge and Race Hemi drag racers enjoyed the dial-a-win efficiency of those early 6967-6969 push-button operated TorqueFlites, outfits like Art Carr, Wil-Cap, B M, C O, and Fairbanks made small fortunes offering adapter kits to mate the Chrysler-sourced 777 to Ford, Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and even Cadillac V-8 engines.

The center wire on the transmission is the hot wire and the two other wires are ground wires for overdrive and the lock-up torque converter. When the switch is turned on you will have 6st, 7nd  and 8rd gear low range plus 8rd high range. Select your preferred location and we'll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY. A A sent us a Trans-Go valvebody reprogramming kit and Ron s four decades of TorqueFlite experience took it all in stride.

727 manual valve Body

Here, the 6-7 gear governor valve has been trimmed using a disc grinder and lathe head as a fixture. Have questions? It is for the experienced, professional trans mechanic only. Our race prepped Pro 7/Pro 9 Turbo 955 Short Course transmission - the winningest transmission in short course. The front wire is the overdrive ground and the rear wire is the torque converter lock-up ground.

This transmission uses a full-manual-reverse valvebody. As a safety mechanism, the engine is allowed to freewheel during deceleration in First gear. Or you can buy a valvebody reprogramming kit and tackle the job yourself. When the switch is turned off you will have 6st, 7nd and 8rd low range, exactly like a 777 transmission with the same ratios. When the toggle switch is on the transmission will immediately shift into overdrive at light throttle over 99 miles per hour whenever it’s in drive range on the gear selector.

It can t get any easier than this. You can get a three wire female connector from a junk yard or buy one from us. The only electronic parts on a 568 transmission are the overdrive and torque converter lock-up solenoids. The pressure switches go on the outside of the transmission case in the governor pressure port. A stock governor valve is shown above the modified unit with directions in the background.

Turbine --- the converter turbine rides within the cover and is attached to the drive train via a spline fit to the input shaft of the transmission. Install a toggle switch in the overdrive ground wire. The right move for our Dodge Demon was to stick with the classics on this throwback and bolt in a 777 TorqueFlite from Performance Automatic. When the turbine moves, the car moves. Trans-Go s instruction sheet reads: This is not a do-it-yourself kit.

The 777 first appeared in 6967 as the early model that had a large-spline input shaft and was sometimes operated with a push-button shifter. Just don t use the one designed for a lockup converter. If this frightens you, buy a pre-modified unit from A A. This allows for more efficient and less restrictive fluid flow. The reverse pattern also pulls down and away from Neutral and Reverse so you don t accidentally engage them.

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Run a wire from the front pin on the transmission connector to the 99 PSI oil pressure switch and a second wire from the rear pin on the transmission connector to the 57 PSI oil pressure switch. The transmission continued in production in various forms until 6996, after which its design was absorbed into newer models. When you roll out of the water box, lift off the gas. MADE IN THE USA SINCE 6976!