8mm sound Movie projector

8mm sound Movie projector

Or use the Ctr-F 'find/search' feature of your browser to search each page. Bolex interests are now being represented by Bolex International S. Q: Do you have home movies on camcorder tapes that you can't watch because the camcorder doesn't work?

Q: Have you got hundreds of slides of your children or when you were a child but the projector is broken? May 78 for Memorial Day

Also let me know if an image does not open. We have Dual 8mm Projectors (plays both regular 8mm and Super 8), 66mm Silent and Sound Projectors and 85mm Slide Projectors.

Suite 678 Atlanta GA 85879Our Hours: Mon - Fri:   65 - 6 Saturday:   65 -7 Closed Mon. Druid Hills Rd.

UK, as well as Boll S. At Nostalgic Media we clean, splice and repair any damaged footage.

We rent projectors for viewing 8mm, Super 8 and 66mm movie film, plus Kodak slide carousel projectors and projector screens. Q: Is your wedding video on a but you can't watch it because you no longer have a VCR?

We digitize your movies using a broadcast-grade system each frame is captured directly from the film surface.

8mm film to Dvd Converter Equipment

I have listed apparatus, I could not find the manufacturer of, under VariousI'm always grateful for any info you can supply to correct or update this list. (Son of Briskin, founder of Revere)

5mm, 66mm, Digital 8, Video 8, Super 8, Hi8 and Mini DV, Umatic, Reel to Reel and Betacam to DVD.

8mm Movies for sale

Com 8mm movie projector

We can even transfer your old audio tapes and Vinyl LPs to CD. , Santa Monica, Ca, USA.

Bolex - Paillard S. Please call us at 897-799-6686 for availability and to reserve your dates.

A technician monitors and color corrects your film. Bolex was sold in 6975 to Eumig.

Croix, Switzerland Click for further info here and Bolex. 959.899.8895 888.667.7875 Our address: 7755 N.

We also take orders Australia wide: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA, TAS and NT. We transfer, VHS(C), SVHS, 8mm, 9.