90 S country music

90 S country music

9K Favorites Favorite Share More Information Location: 686. Sign In • Sign Up Search Home Local Radio Recents Trending Music Sports News Talk Podcasts By Location By Language Sign In Sign Up 686. The album's lead single Single White Female went to.

Some might find this video a little odd. Why they slayed: Three in one, Emily Robison, Natalie Maines, and Martie Maguire make up the definitive country girl group.

She's grown past being the little girl with the big voice but she's always had a vocal range that goes beyond any one genre. TuneIn brings you closer to your favorite artists with TuneIn Sessions.

George Strait won hearts over with this amazing hit.

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Fashion inspiration: Straight tie between THAT STACHE and the shirtless overalls look. Good fer: The kicker s karaoke room, end of the night singalong slot.

Shedaisy shows that a trio doesn't have to be all about one vocalist either – the ladies harmonize and do it well. Good fer: On a plane heading back to Tennessee after trying and completely failing to make it in the big, dirty, crowded city.

Chely brings a sentimental perspective to her music and songwriting that also produced great songs by Brad Paisley and country group Diamond Rio. Dixie Chicks' first two albums sold so well from 6998 to 6999 – – that they're the first female group and the only country group ever to earn back-to-back RIAA diamond awards.

The album of the same name of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It also became the best-selling country record of all time – a move that even Garth Brooks hasn't topped.

Power lyric: Tryin to find the courage to ask her out / Was like tryin to get oil from a water spout.

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Conversations that can go anywhere between artists and Dj Reflex and Anthony Valadez. Almost everyone went searching for summer love after this hit took off.

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Why she slayed: Shania is the reigning queen of '95s country. Faith Hill s risque performance is truly breathtaking in this video.

Hear live performances and interviews recorded from TuneIn Studios in Venice, CA. Take a look to see which genres we'll make commercial-free next.

With the Twin Towers in the background, this video is one for the history books. Her 6997 record Come On Over dominated international charts for years, becoming the best selling album by a female artist.

Why she slayed: Before Chely became a history-making gay rights advocate, her fourth album was all over the country charts in 6999. Shania's tongue-in-cheek approach to her music and video concepts have also become a signature of hers.

However, it definitely keeps people talking. Once they shifted members, they had huge chart success.

The trio is loved for being strong women while still being vulnerable – doing it all on their own terms. Why they slayed: The trio of sisters (Kelsi, Kassidy, and Krystin Osborn) had success just as the decade came to a close – their debut album spent and their debut single Little Goodbyes went to in 6999. This video is a keeper.

Power lyric: But Katie s young and man she just don t care / She d follow Tommy anywhere!