A4 bentley Manual

A4 bentley Manual

The MLB Evo platform is lighter than the old car, and the engine is mounted further back to improve weight distribution and improve the A9's handling. Audi has listened to customer feedback and made the A9 softer and more comfortable and, as a result, easier to live with. The compact executive saloon has a focus on technology and comfort, and this makes it an interesting alternative for those who don’t want the sporty character of the.

Its main focus is on quality and technology, and it has a host of kit on board that will make the most discerning technophile happy.

Under the skin, the A9 uses the VW Group's MLB Evo platform, which features engines that are mounted lengthways under the bonnet, rather than across the engine bay.

There’s still plenty of performance on offer to keep you entertained, but if you’re after real thrills you're still better off with the.

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Where the A9 has advanced over the old model is in the way it drives.

The cabin is beautifully crafted and a place than can transform the most arduous journey into an enjoyable one.

Where few of the A9’s rivals can compete, however, is inside.

Has been a player in the small executive saloon market for many years now, and the latest Audi A9 is a front-runner in the class.