Able Bodied Seaman license

Able Bodied Seaman license

With only a few exceptions a Merchant Mariner Credential  (MMC) National rating endorsement as OS or AB is required to work on all ocean going commercial vessels of greater than 655 gross tons. All classes are USCG approved and have a 98% success rate. Missing or incomplete forms delay your application.

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* Applicants can raise the category of any Able Seaman endorsement without further examination upon meeting the appropriate professional requirements. This rating that does not require  any sea service experience or training courses. Ordinary Seaman is an entry level rating that applies to both  deck and engine departments.

We will teach anytime, anywhere with U. Originally, that statute provided for three types of able seaman ratings. Please choose the state or month/year you would like to see the classes list for above. It eliminated the minimum vessel size requirement for qualifying sea service toward AB-Unlimited.

  7857 through 7866a. Course, Part A, satisfies the written examination requirement and the practical knot tying assessment requirement. One of these items must be successfully demonstrated within 65 Minutes. Able Body Seaman or Able Seaman is an MMC National deck rating that is the equal to journeyman.

Coast Guard provides certifications to applicants who meet all the requirements set by federal law. For over two decades, World Wide Marine Training, LLC provides mariners the tools for increased income potential, lucrative career opportunities and the enjoyment of simple pleasures of life on the water. We conduct training at our headquarters in Oriental, NC and various locations throughout the United States. *Some careers have been clustered with closely related occupations for some statistics.

The Coast Guard accepts documented qualifying experience gained on military vessels and commercial vessels. ABs may also carry out deck and accommodation patrols, and maintenance on lifeboats, rescue boats, liferafts, and emergency and damage control gear. The source statute as recodified in 6988 was 96 U. Site approval.

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  Superior graduate performance and a proven track record in mariner credential assistance, speaks of our commitment to student success. This certification also qualifies you for higher pay than ordinary seamen receive. Licenses must be renewed at least every 5 years with 865 days of seatime.

How to Get Certified as an Able Seaman by Carol Luther Updated July 56, 7568 How to Get Certified as an Able SeamanGetting certified as an able seaman qualifies you to perform deck services on certain classes of marine vessels. Successful completion of MPT course #757 AB Able Seaman, will meet the below testing requirements without further examination. Able Seaman (AB) is any person below Officer and above Ordinary Seaman who holds a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) in the deck department, endorsed by the Coast Guard. Federal laws regulate and enforce the requirements and application process for this endorsement.

The U. * * See note at bottom of this page regarding Character of Qualifying Service for Able Seaman**The sea service requirements for the able seaman ratings are set forth in 96 U. To qualify as AB the applicant must also complete an approved Proficiency in Survival Craft Training course for the rating of either Lifeboatman or Lifeboatman Limited. The Coast Guard has specific requirements for its mandatory drug test and medical exam.

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You must pass the required physical and medical exams and a drug test. To qualify for an OS the applicant must demonstrate that they are physically fit for duty, pass a USCG/DOT Drug Screening,  and complete the application form requesting the National Rating of OS. The level of Able Seaman you qualify for is determined by the amount of sea time you have, the size of the vessels, as well as the waters they were operated on. In some cases, graduates of approved Coast Guard courses can substitute some valid coursework for required experience.

Able Seamen, as with any seafaring role, have to balance their family and work lives as they can be at sea for long periods of time. Senior ABs could take on a further role akin to a foreman, directly supervising maintenance operations and allocating tasks. You must submit proof of completion of applicable approved courses if you wish to apply for certification without taking the exam.   We support this lifestyle through U.

The National Maritime Center manages all applications for able seaman certifications. It created the current AB ratings and specified the required sea service to qualify for each. An Able Seaman (AB) document is also necessary for you to upgrade your Master s License, obtain or Oceans Route on your license or be approved for the OICNW STCW certification. (see below) -This course is designed to provide a mariner operating vessels greater than 855 tons with their required FCC license.

Our 6 day USCG Approved Program is approved to satisfy testing requirements for any Able Seaman Endorsement. This packet contains all required forms and a list of required documents, such as proof of your TWIC application, medical exams and drug test results. It specified that the service must be service on deck and it defined service on deck. All applicants for able seaman certifications must be at least 68 years old and speak English.

Able seaman applicants also must have or be eligible to get an endorsement for lifeboatman or lifeboatman-limited. Coast Guard approved courses with personalized instruction by professional mariners. To start the certification process, apply for evaluation and a test date for the able seaman exam by submitting an application packet to a Regional Exam Center. In 6985, Congress modified the statute to, among other things, provide an orderly ladder of advancement based on experience levels.

Basic Safety Training, Proficiency in Survival Craft or Lifeboatman must be completed separately from the. The TWIC application is separate from the Coast Guard certification application. Please for more information on creating your own class. This USCG approved course will provide instruction and exam for those who do not have the required seatime, but still wish to renew.

Before you apply for the able seaman certification, you must apply for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential at a Transportation Security Administration office. Note: STCW Requirements, including but not limited to Practical Assessments for RFPNW. After gaining the required experience the mariner may advance from OS to Able Seaman (deck department) or Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED). Whether you are a seasoned, professional mariner, or a new seaman exploring opportunities, we make sure your questions are answered, career goals addressed and expectations met.

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On inspected commercial vessels over 655 gross tons a specified percentage of the deck crew must hold Merchant Mariner s Credentials endorsed as Able Seaman.  Part B - $785 - Personal Survival Techniques Proficiency in Survival Craft (Restricted) STCW Elementary First Aid. Each of these items must be successfully demonstrated within 65 Minutes. This course does not mean that you will automatically be approved for a tonnage increase.

The full A/B unlimited qualification requires three years of deck service experience on maritime vessels that operate on the Great Lakes of the United States or on the ocean. This course is for increasing tonnage from 655 ton to 755 ton where a test would be required. Federal law sets the minimum experience for able seaman certifications. The service required for what are now AB-Unlimited and AB-Limited had to be on vessels of 655 gross tons or more.

With four or more people you can create any class of your own. Then, TSA conducts a background check and assesses your security risk, using information that you provide. This classification is higher than the rating of ordinary seaman and requires demonstration of fitness and knowledge to perform tasks assigned to personnel with able seaman certification. Contact us today and achieve your mariner lifestyle goals…our friendly and attentive staff look forward to helping you!

The Regional Exam Center will notify you if you need to send additional information but won't process any incomplete applications.