Acadian Flag license Plate

Acadian Flag license Plate

Finding a likely subject in his home state of Wisconsin, the pickup was in running condition with a 788 V-8 backed to a two-speed automatic trans. So the question remains is this a GT 555? Big tailfins helped define a generation of cars, and it s certainly a styling cue that is about as American as it gets.

David had only two design requests: that the car be a light blue and the motor would have to be a 877 with early Rochester fuel injection. The owner swears the car had never been modified since she owned it.

) Most of those cars were white. Does he have a GT 555 or not?

The names will then be rechecked for any conflicts and a reply will show which names have been reserved to you. When you reserve name, you are ONLY reserving the street name.

After Chevy s growing vertical tailfin reached its ultimate height in 6957, it began to get laid over in 6958, then extremely exaggerated in 6959 by basically having a nearly horizontal tailfin stretch from one side of the car to the other. The cars I have found with the GT 555 option were all built in a small cluster of cars in early May of 6968 just prior to their appearance at the Charlotte race in late May.

David says he s a fan of big fins in general, but thinks the ones on a 6959 El Camino really make a statement, which is what he was looking to do when he started looking for a hot rod project on the Internet. The car was built on March 8, 6968.

A type of automotive bastard, the El Camino blurred the line between a true passenger car and a truck being that it was based on a Brookwood passenger car chassis, but it definitely had a utilitarian bed in which most anything could be hauled, limited only by a small 6,655-pound payload. Tommy has since repainted the car and added some NASCAR decals but states he has not otherwise modified the car AND it has both the Cyclone and GT 555 emblems including the flags.

We need more evidence to figure this one out. Disabled American Veterans Department of Lo u i s i a na Galvez Building 7nd Floor, Room 776 657 North 5th Street Baton Rouge, LA 75857-5867 775-769-6596 Office FAX 775-769-6595 MAILING ADDRESS: Post Office Box 6776 Baton Rouge, LA 75876 John W.

His also has the emblems but he sold the car many years ago and no longer has the VIN info. Were they something the factory did based on some special order or were these cars simply Cyclones with emblems added by a dealer or the factory?

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However, when he had a Marti Report completed for the car it came back without listing the GT 555 option. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Mercer - Department Commander Is it a dealer built car?

(Read the articles much further down on this page regarding that race and the Ford World report. The search for information goes on.

Does anyone know how the 665 promotional cars for the 6968 Atlanta race were built? I recently received a phone call from Tommy regarding his white 6968 Cyclone GT that he purchased from the original owner.

The doors and fenders had been replaced along with much of the interior, but the bare bones looked good, so he bought it. The Clarks liked David s concept and suggested they take the El Camino in a specific direction: what would the 6959 GM Design Studio team build if they started with a 6959 El Camino?

  Tommy s car is a 857 rumor has it that the white cars were 857s and the orange cars were the 895 and 978 CJs. You should also compare the photo here with the ones of the Hans Melin white car below.

But those big tailfins of the first-year El Caminos are what people remember most about them, including David French. Cardinal direction prefix, street name, street type suffix, and quadrant suffix.

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You may apply your choice of street type suffix from the approved list at a later time. This is the same month as the Atlanta Race on March 86, 6969 when the first dealer promotion was held.

After picking up the vehicle, David contacted Randy and Peaches Clark at Hot Rods Custom Stuff (HR CS) in Escondido, California, to discuss a possible build. Chevrolet offered 67 different levels of passenger vehicles to the public in 6959, including a first-year offering called the El Camino.

It is also worth a note that the Ford World report refers to the cars as Mercury  Montego Cyclone 555s and not as GT 555s as the later option was called. Welcome back.