Ace Electronic Water timer user Manual

Ace Electronic Water timer user Manual

I've purchased 8 of these all leaked and failed within two months of the purchase date. Dirty rugs are washed in mild bleach water and hung to dry. After 6 6/7 seasons, it leaked and stopped working.

I think water gets in around the dial, because the face fogs up and the moisture shorts out the circuit board.

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Call Monday - Friday, 8am - 5 pm PT, to talk with one of our scientific team members. After half an hour outside (or less if it s real hot already), we bring them back in and weigh tonight s and the next night s racers (they must be within 6 6/7 pounds of their set weight, over or under, at weigh-in time before the races in the evening, so we can adjust their feed accordingly if they re in danger of being under/over the limit).

I also found the water leaked down past the electronic solenoid into the battery compartment which is on the underside and sealed with rubber gaskets.

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Here in the summertime, we try to be off the parking lot by 7: 65AM when truck-walking, and through with sprinting before 8: 55. Maybe one watering season!

In the winter we ll start at 6: 55 or 6: 85. We’re ready to help.

We service our customers globally through showrooms and warehousing capabilities in the San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, and Boston markets. The next hour or two is taken up by grooming time in the kennel, where we go over last night s racers checking for injuries, and applying any liniments or poultices where necessary.

If you put it in a sandwich bag with a twist tie each time you set the timer they will last longer. In our main building, where we have 98 dogs, there will be 8 to 65 wet rugs each day, so the majority of them are housebroken, so to speak.

I like the unit, but hoped it would last longer. First turnout lasts about 95 minutes while the dogs are outside, we clean the kennel, pull all the bedding and check for wet rugs, otherwise known as couldn t hold it.

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Hopefully this has helped to give you a glimpse into the everyday routine of a racing greyhound. One of them didn't even make it three weeks!

I will try putting the good one in a plastic bag or container and see how it goes. Each dog also has their own water can, all of which are washed every 8 days on a rotating cycle.

The unit in the front was exposed to the weather. Then we feed.

Around 9: 55AM we turn everyone out again. We do not normally advertise on this site, but this is for a good causeDuring the summer months, the dog s day will start at 5: 55 or 5: 85 AM to try and beat the heat as much as possible.