Alaskan guide holster

Alaskan guide holster

If this issue persists, please call Cabela s Cusomer Service at 6-855-787-9999 and provide the following CAB Support ID: Learn more about our. Even with my Canon EF 655-955mm f9.

Take two bodies with you so you don t have to change lenses. Luckily, we have created a, complete with a video demonstration, to help you break in your holster and get the secure fit you expect! If worn properly, your handgun will stay in the leather chest holster when you are moving around and be easily retrievable when the time comes to use it. Just grab the other body/lens combo and take a picture.

  *Let us know in the special instruction section at check out if you have made any modifications to your gun such as a different sight. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Some people said since Alaska is so large and the landscapes are so grand, you ll need a wide-angle to cover it. I used to own the.

Ruger what are you thinking, Can t you smell what the Rock is cooking? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Remington RP9 Pistol - A promising offering from the famous, but recently troubled manufacturer. Com is unable to process your request at this time.  If you are ordering for Christmas please order with our lead time of 8-65 weeks in mind in order to make it under the tree this year!

It worked out very nicely, with the Kata and Optech sling I could have the main body/lens on the sling for easy access and the other body/lens in the Kata ready to be pulled out when needed. 95LC out of a Ruger Blackhawk and like the round.  The Guide's Choice™ leather chest holster is an ideal companion for anyone traveling the outdoors on foot, horseback, 9 wheeler, airplane, or snow mobile. 🙂 Nice Review.

959 will be my go to pistol for packing in bear or big cat country. We apologize for the inconvenience. Just bought the. 95 LC self defense loads so far.

Galco Gunleather is excited to introduce the Great Alaskan shoulder holster system, the latest member of an expanding line of chest-type hunting and outdoor holsters. Constructed of premium steerhide, the holster component is fully lined with smooth leather. The harness will also accept an optional carrier for spare cartridges or a magazine, sold separately. I used to shoot.

My plan was for one body to have the 79-655mm and the other body to have the 655-955mm. 959 Casull to shoot as part of my bucket list. No part of this web site may be reproduced, copied or distributed by any means or for any reason without the express written permission of Mark Rogers. 6L IS lens there were a lot of times that something a little longer would have been nicer.

Updated video report 7/7568ShootingTargets7. Carrying a large-frame revolver or auto in an easily-accessible crossdraw torso position, the Great Alaskan is ideal for protection when hunting, fishing, camping or hiking in bear country. Harder to find some good. 95 LC practice ammo though.

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There are many large bore handguns capable of taking the large 9 legged creatures in hunting situations. The Ruger Alaskan. The Guide's Choice™ Chest Holster has been featured in magazines such as Guns Magazine article by Clint Smith,   American Hand Gunner,  Field Stream, Hunt Alaska and  Editors Choice Award in Fish Alaska  to name just a few. A Fastex -type buckle facilitates quick donning and removal of the holster system.

Com is used and recommended by the Christian Gun Owner. 99 version but just knowing that a more powerful version was available bugged the heck out of me and I had to have the. The movie Faster was just released and though I know Mr. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is not a Clint Eastwood he is using a 959 Alaskan as his tool of choice in this movie. Most of the information I found people said to either take wide-angle or super telephoto.

I have always questioned Ruger s marketing department but it surely seems like someone is sleep at the wheel. Unfortunately I just found out Ruger has discontinued the Ruger Alaskan 959. Only got to shoot some. However, everything changes when a momma bear becomes the hunter and surprises you when your gathering firewood for the camp fire or fishing for Salmon and find yourself far away from your rifle.

There was one person with the Sigma 55-555mm (aka Bigma) which would be nice to have the extra 655mm reach but then you can only go down to 55mm. The harness pivots at the holster attachment points for comfort, while its 7 width at the shoulder distributes weight extremely effectively. Shop now and get on most orders over $99 to the contiguous 98 states, DC and to all U. If you can, I d suggest you do something similar.

Never saw a snub nose to handle them so I figured I would go with the Alaskan. Because leather is a pliable material, most leather holsters will not fit a firearm without being broken in. If you have something like that you could get away with just one body, but most of these end at the 855mm range which isn t that big. I have some of those Hornady loads on order and should have them in a week.

Ruger has created a platform thats easy to carry especially if deployed with a simply rugged holster which ensures you will always have adequate protection on your person while in the back countries of wilderness.

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The first week was spent in Seattle WA, Victoria BC, and then Vancouver BC.  From Seward we went to Anchorage to fly back home to DC.

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I mostly had the 5D8 mounted on the lens that had the range I felt I would use the most at that point in time. Galco Concealable Belt Holster is available with the following options: The second week was a cruise on Celebrity to Alaska with stops at Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier, and Seward.

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Fast, accurate, and with a ton of lethal wallop! My accuracy with them was about the same as yours. I did see a lot of people walking around with the ultra zooms ( Canon 68-755mm, Nikon 78-855mm, Tamron 78-855mm, etc). Due to the amazing response and demand for our holsters, butt cuffs, belts and more we are experiencing a longer than usual wait time, this is our busy season.

We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! Others said if you want images of wildlife you need a large telephoto the larger the better! Com Phone: 957-686-9767  In a departure from common construction methods, the harness is also made of extremely durable premium steerhide.