All the Mortal Kombat movies

All the Mortal Kombat movies

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Here s a look at the fire-spitting ninja s brutal fatalities over the years. Facing execution for his failure and the apparent death of Goro, Tsung convinces Shao Kahn to grant him a second chance.

With the aid of Goro he was to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a chaotic existence. To celebrate the game s anniversary, here s a look at how some of the original fatalities have changed after 75 years.

Better late than never and straight to the point, there are new wallpapers are available for the following characters: Only seven warriors survived the battles and Shang Tsung's scheme would come to a violent end at the hands of Liu Kang.

Or its affiliates. Shang Tsung's new plan is to lure his enemies to compete in the Outworld where they will meet certain death by Shao Kahn himself.

It sure took a while but I m finally processing and uploading a lot of MKX Mobile kontent: I finally have the spare time I need to work on the site, first up there s a bunch of sprites that were missing, these were submitted by WeaponTheory, so be sure to check out his for some kool MK videos! Mortal Kombat s Scorpion has been lighting up people for decades.

The creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, discusses the series that defines his career.

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We visited Kombat Kon and got to meet a few of the actors who portrayed the characters from the first three Mortal Kombat games. And under which this service is provided to you.

Join a team of actual doctors as they explore the medical madness of video games. I ll be updating this post with new kontent when it s available.

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Find out what would really happen to game heroes if they were subject to our pesky human limitations! 555 years ago, Shang Tsung was banished to the Earth Realm.