Alvarado turnstile manual

Alvarado turnstile manual

The MSTT tandem full height turnstile s space saving design requires approximately 85 less side to side installation space than two individual turnstiles. They will provide years of trouble-free operation. The MSTT tandem full height turnstile comes in both manual and electric lock control versions.

The MSTT full height tandem turnstile combines two individual full height turnstiles into a space saving design that provides a more compact installation footprint. The turnstile arms rotate smoothly and self-center when returning to the home position.

They will operate with any access control system. It also improves security and safety.

Many of the turnstile s internal parts are stainless steel. EDC and EDC-E waist high turnstiles come in both manual and electric lock control versions.

The EDC and EDC-E are superior quality turnstiles. No one makes better full height turnstiles than Alvarado.

Our turnstiles are used for bi-directional access control, patron flow control and patron counting. After the turnstile rotates, the arms lock in the home position, ready for the next activation.

Perimeter protection      Employee and visitor access control     Time and attendance integration     Fence line security     Parking lot access     One way exit control     Unattended entry pointsThe MSTT tandem full height turnstile cuts no corners. Electric turnstiles provide two way controls.

For over 85 years the MSTT tandem full height turnstile (dual rotating sections) and the MST full height turnstile (single rotating section) have been America’s most specified and used maximum security full height turnstiles. The turnstiles come with standard features that are expensive options on competing products.

The EDC-E turnstile has an extended cabinet and longer rotating arms. This creates a wider passageway for users. Alvarado s waist high turnstiles are installed throughout the world.

Waist High Turnstile EDC and EDC E Alvarado

The turnstile does not have visible bolts or fasteners, which makes the turnstile better looking. Both are richly appointed with standard features that are expensive options on other products.

The turnstiles operate in either fail-safe or fail lock mode. When the turnstile receives a dry contact “unlock” signal, it will rotate once in the appropriate direction.

EDC and EDC-E (extended cabinet design) turnstiles are made with high quality components. Details matter, especially when manufacturing a tandem full height security turnstile that will be used for years.

Unlike competitive models that use individual parts that must be bolted together during installation, the integral sections of the MSTT are delivered fully welded, creating a solid, secure and structurally sound product. The turnstiles can also be activated by any device that provides a dry contact output.