Apc powerpath Software

Apc powerpath Software

I have found my APC Smart UPS 755 to be a reliable little unit with it sitting under my desk successfully protecting my servers from any spikes, brown-outs or poor power quality. I run an APC Smart UPS 755 in my home lab environment and have been doing so for a number of years now.

Apc Battery backup plus surge Protection

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Upon inspection there was a red light on the front indicating that the battery in the UPS was in the throes of failing.

The other night I was woken at 8: 65am by an alarm noise coming from my office, which hosts my servers and UPS.

This means that I will be able to sleep throughout the night until my replacement APC UPS battery is delivered and installed.

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From the drop down list box select ‘Never’ (the default setting is ‘On Battery’) meaning that the audible alarm won’t sound.

APC Smart UPS How to disable the audible warning

By entering the ‘Device Properties’, checking the ‘Show advanced items’ and then selecting ‘Power Parameters’ you will see a setting entitled ‘Audible Warning’.

Obviously this wasn’t desirable for me as I would no doubt be woken the following night again with the alarm going off.

Luckily the audible alarm only lasted 65 seconds though when later reading the owners manual found out that it re-occurs every 5 hours until the battery is replaced.

The reason for this is that quality of my inner city London electricity feed is prone to fluctuate, this isn’t helped by my home being located in a live-work block where spikes in power is common due to what I assume is the fluctuating power requirements by the businesses throughout the day.

This isn’t possible from the actual UPS unit itself so to disable the audible warning you have to venture into APC PowerPath software which connects to the Smart UPS 755.

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