Appellate brief cover Page Template

Appellate brief cover Page Template

The Brief Template is saved in Microsoft Office’s compatibility doc. The docket number of the case must appear in type at least one inch high. If a litigant prefers to file a printed brief in pamphlet format, it must conform to the following specifications: Spacing: 7-points or more leading between lines 6-points or more between paragraphs.

Practice before the Fourth Circuit is governed by the Federal and Local Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Select the formatting styles you wish to use from the Styles menu, and your table of contents and headings will generate flawlessly.

SCAN: News and resources for Southern California appellate lawyers, featuring the Second and Fourth District Courts of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

The title appearing on the front cover of a brief must include the name of the party or parties for whom the brief is filed.

The pages of a brief must contain sequential numbering.

When you create a table of contents, the new section headings are added instantly!

A Filing User must adjust the PDF of the brief to recognize the Filing User's sequential numbering scheme in the PDF's page search field.

Format, ensuring you can use the template no matter which version of Word you have.

The entire template is easily customizable and can be downloaded instantly after completing your secure order through PayPal.

The brief comes loaded with additional formatting styles.

Alternatively, simply copy and paste your content into the placeholder text and your table of contents and headings will be perfectly formatted each time you make a change.

Appellate Brief

Each Appellate Brief Template comes with formatted headings, table of contents, table of authorities, cover page, font styles, page numbers, footnotes, block quotes, and other quality of life features.

Select the heading or text style from the Styles menu that you need to use or just copy and paste an existing section onto a new page.