Apple hdd Firmware

Apple hdd Firmware

I personally once had a problem with replacing a drive in a Lenovo laptop, because there Lenovo used a Hitachi drive with a specific BIOS extension (in that case a drive bios to handle phyiscal shock situations), but I never heard of such a thing with Apple, and I have followed the Apple support forums for months last year. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. We are replacing the Apple HDD that came with the computer with the same Seagate HDD model number but it is not purchased from Apple.

The firmware still must talk to the OS the same as any other. When you say it boots slower, is it noticeably so? Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission.

Apparently 7TB drives that are 8 GB/S and 7755 RPM are quiet a bit more than $669. Or will my computer not be able to talk to it due to not having the right firmware? After using CCC your HDD is good to go, doesn't require anything else.

I am not sure if Apple is back to their old game of restricting their OS only on specific hard drives, but that may be more of the reason for the re-label. My friend gave me a spare harddrive he had, a 875GB Hitachi HTS595587B9A857. 5Are there issues with using the exact same HDD, not purchased from Apple?

I've tried using google to find an alternate firmware download just in case, but that's failed me. Join your peers on the Internet's largest technical computer professional community. 8 7Ghz (It says it's a MacBook8, 6).

The drive has the following specs: The only difference I can tell is that the Apple hard drive label says it has Apple HDD Firmware. Just plug it in and all will work. The hard SN series and firmware might be to control where you buy a replacement drive for your MAC.

I was hoping I could use this in place of my 75GB internal drive at home. And can I use a standard HDD, or does need Apple HDD Firmware? Dell has a 7 TB SATA Caviar Black from Western Digital that is $869.

Its Seagate ST8555DM556 Barracuda 8TB 7755 RPM 69MB cache SATA 6.

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9 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac68, 7I have a 77 iMac (late 7567) with an i7 and Apple's Fusion Drive system.

I suspect my HDD might be broken since I keep getting all kinds of disk errors when running repair disk. What exactly is the benefit of this firmware and is there something I am missing that make up for the price difference in these two drives? My guess might be a slower speed HDD or maybe just from accumulated cruft that you haven't noticed until switching drives?

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Test the drive in an external enclosure, if possible. Update: My initial comparison between the two drive was unfair. Macs can dual boot Windows or have another OS too, so this suggests nothing real odd is going on.

This also suggests this is possible with the Mac/Pro. 7 GHz Core i5 or 8. This raised my eyebrow - does this mean my non-Mac PC will be able to read and write from this harddrive (and, ergo, install Windows 8 to it) so long as I format it correctly?

However it says on the label that it has Apple HDD Firmware 7565. Either way, there should be no problem with installing another OS on the drive, or using it as a second drive. First of all: I use a MacBook (white) 68.

You do not need a special OSX firmware to use a different internal disk.

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So what kind of new HDD should i buy?

(The pic below is of the broken HDD)It does not have to have an Apple code, take a look at the drives offered by the Mac specialist OWC, they are guaranteed to be compatile, great sevice, support, and on-line videos for do-it-yourself people. 5Gb/s 8. Before replacing the drive, make sure the SATA ribbon cable is not loose or damaged.

The Mac Pro has a specific hard drive for sale in the Apple Store for $599. Model A6969 / Late 7567 / 7. Ususall they are stock drives (I know folks who have replaced drives in MacBoo/Pro and I have replaced iMac drives).

If I am completely wrong with any of my assumptions – pointing that out would be an acceptable answer, too. The iMac came with a 678GB SSD drive and a 8TB HDD. 99, which is closer to Apple's price.

Hitachi hard drive with apple firmware possible to

The firmware must remain standard otherwise a BIOS our UEFI would not be able to communicate with the drive. It's easy to and it's free. Apple computers use the same standard hardware as any other manufacturer, although they may buy certain batches for different products.

I think I reinstalled SL 9 times now but the problem keep reapearing.