Aqua Rite chlorine Generator manual

Aqua Rite chlorine Generator manual

If there is any Check System alarm, follow the troubleshooting guide in this Continue through the Wizard and exit. Without it, your system will no longer sanitize your pool effectively. Use + or Check the Aqua Rite Pro or Pro Logic s display each day before entering the - to set pH Reduction Control to Forced On.

The salt cannot be tasted or sensed in any way. Inside of the Control Center door, there is a small LCD display screen (similar to a digital watch), which displays the average salinity reading, temperature, cell volts, cell current, chosen percentage chlorine output, instantaneous salinity, and different cell type settings.

The great thing with salt chlorination is that you cannot oversize. Even if your pool is much smaller than 95k gallons, this unit will be ideal as the over-sizing will provide less stress on the system and a longer lifespan.

Press repeatedly until Chemistry Config. NOTE: If you have the T-CELL-5 or T-CELL-8 or an automation system (AquaLink, AquaLogic, ProLogic, IntelliTouch and EasyTouch), then we suggest the.

To do this, use the following procedure: Aqua Rite Pro Press the Settings button. The Hayward Aqua Rite controls are a steel sheet-metal box with a hinged and latching door (similar to your circuit-breaker panel).

Wizard is displayed. Alternate Part #'s G6-566556-6 REVB, G6-566556B-6, G6-566558K-6, G6-566558M-6, G6-566558N-6, G6-566567E-6, G6-566659K-6, G6566659K6, GLX-PCB-RITEPlease note if you have an automation system connected to your Aqua Rite system, you will need to purchase the Inyo Pools now offers an affordable replacement for the Hayward AquaRite Main PC board (GLX-PCB-RITE).

Our PC board is an exact replacement for your original Hayward Goldline Aquarite PC board and performs the same exact functions. For all your hard to find pool and spa parts, including above ground spa parts,

Note: Hayward does not include a power cord or other needed connectors, grommets, or accessories with which to the control box is to be wired to your power supply. C C C C C hemi hemi hemi s s s s s t t t t t r r r r r y y y y y hemi hemi Aqua Rite Pro Aqua Rite Pro Aqua Rite Pro Aqua Rite Pro Aqua Rite Pro.

For use with Hayward Aqua Rite, GLX, Swimpure Plus Systems: Turbo Cells T-CELL-8, T-CELL-9, T-CELL-65

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Hayward Aqua Rite In Ground Chlorine Generator AQR15

The controls have a dial that is used to raise and lower chlorine output, and a three-position switch to activate the system, deactivate the system, or activate the super chlorination mode. In most cases, the AquaRite main PC Board will fail due to an electrical surge, lightning, or a brownout.

The AQL-CHEM-8 is not compatible with Aqua Rite or Aqua Logic controls. It mounts on the wall (or nearby a post or support) by hanging the control box by a few keyholes on basic screws that have been secured in the wall.

It is guaranteed to be compatible with any Aquarite T-CELL-65 or T-CELL-9 system. Advance through the Wizard until pH Reduction Control is displayed.

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This board will not work with older model salt systems. The main circuit board is the heart of your salt system.

Purge air out of the system by using the 65 minute force feed until the flow indicator shows that the acid solution is flowing.