Archos 504 Update

Archos 504 Update

Additionally you also need a Google account to login to the Play store app to start using it. All you have to do it, login to Google Play Store App using Google Account and once done, automatically all apps tagged to your account will be auto-installed using the Internet. It is the Android market place which act as digital distribution center where users can browse various types of apps and download it to their Android devices.

Accessing Google Play Store using the website will help you manage your account and installed apps easily.

Google Play Store is one of the default apps which will be present in all Android devices among other basic services like Gmail, Google search etc.

Apart from being an app in Android devices, Play Store can also be accessed in your PC by visiting the   website.

, came under a single digital media store called the Google Play Store.

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Another major advantage of this approach is, it will assist in easy moving of your favorite apps from your old to new smartphones in case you are changing it.

This approach helps in having the apps and games installed specific to your account thus providing you more control and security on the installations.


Formerly known as Android Market, it was renamed after its various offering like apps, music, magazine, movies, books etc.

Google Play Store is one of the core component of Android operating system.

Without Google Play Store, you cannot enjoy the services and apps provided by the company.