Arnold schwarzenegger Movie collection

Arnold schwarzenegger Movie collection

The 69-year-old was spotted sporting a scruffy grey goatee yesterday as he arrived at estranged wife Maria Shriver's Brentwood, California home. It grew back! The facial hair looks out of place, given that the former state official was always seen with a perfectly smooth face.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sported new facial scruff while celebrating Mother's Day at Maria Shriver's Brentwood, CA homePrison break: The 69-year-old also attended his daughter Katherine's college graduation with the new scruff on Friday

The father: Arnold Schwarzenegger has been exposed immoral, arrogantly reckless man with a monstrous attitude to women and a propensity for having unprotected sexThe handsome man lifting his toddler into the air could be any proud father on the day of his son’s christening.

Yet if anyone at the party noticed the striking resemblance between film star Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child in his arms, they did not comment on it.

A little cherub with tanned skin and big brown eyes, the smartly dressed boy is the spitting image of his doting dad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is already getting into character for his latest role as a prison inmate.

Indeed, Ian Halperin, who also wrote a biography of Schwarzenegger, says he has interviewed no fewer than six women who claim to have given birth to children by him.

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For just out of shot was the man who believed he was the child’s father, Rogelio Baena.

Mr Baena was blissfully unaware that the then Governor of California had fathered a love child with his wife, the family’s housekeeper, Patty Baena.