Ashley Wood Stove Manual

Ashley Wood Stove Manual

By heating with wood you re helping to CONSERVE ENERGY! The line came under control of Majestic Fireplace but not until the 6985s. Do not connect this unit to a chimney ue serving another appliance.

It's highly versatile when it comes to installation, with base options of 9 different leg styles or a pedestal, and an optional ash pan. The Tamarack is approved for installation in manufactured homes as well as site constructed dwellings. The Tamarack is affordably priced but a solid performer.

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I decided to go with only the Tamarack and fix the forced air later (still not replaced) The Tamarack was so efficient that I used it alone and it performed way past my expectations. Over 655 years of experience in the industry has enabled US Stove to manufacture the very best in,,, and. Heating capacity. One interesting tidbit with these units is that many of them could be used for coal or wood, aka dual-fuel.

The FA788CCL was a model that could handle this, so it can give you some flexibility with fuel options. A) The supplied ash shovel and poker from the heat exchanger tube, behind the heat exchanger door at the top of the unit. Kuma is proud to say that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality available. Your stove may labeled Dutch West India as well.

And, our industry leading warranty is merely an extension of our commitment to quality and the kind of warranty that should be expected with a first class product. WOOD ADD-ON 7. ) After completing the payment process, click on My Account in the upper left-hand corner of our web site. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Other parts stores may have some pieces for it, but most stoves that old are usually better off being replaced due to age and efficiency. When you purchase a Kuma product, you trust it to perform as advertised, and you trust us to give you the customer service that you deserve. SPECIFICATIONS CONGRATULATIONS! Ideal for a log cabin, large garage or shop, this EPA certified stove features a rugged exterior and a modern interior that generates clean burning heat.

Here's a link to a PDF of some of the Federal Airtight models, made under Dutchwest: Many of these units prior to 6989 were made in other countries, and so U. I have a 6655 sq. Stoves made before 6988 or so were under the under manufacturer, which has since gone bankrupt. Support isn't really available.

It features non-catalytic technology with a single air control for ease of use and a good burn time for a small stove. CAUTION: The warm air supply outlet of the supplementary furnace shall not be connected to the cold-air return inlet of the central furnace because a possibility exists of components of the central furnace overheating and causing the central furnace to operate other than as intended. The quality on these were a little suspect from what I've gathered. Thanks so much for such a fine and well built stove, I'm more than happy ++++ with its performance, such an Awesome stove!

Design includes a 7 piece safety handle, and a 6in. BRICK ALIGNMENT Inspect for any damage. That's important to us, and we promise that our products and our service will deliver. OWNER S INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL MODEL AF755 THIS MANUAL INCLUDES INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MODEL AF755 FURNACE UTILIZING THE LISTED OPERATIONAL TYPES: 6.

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When purchasing directly from Kuma, consider hiring a certified chimney professional for the installation of your new stove, and be sure to check with your local building officials regarding the necessity for a proper permit and inspection. Ashley - Breckwell - Earth Stove Hearthstone - Traditions - Quadra-Fire Finally, our great customer service is based on trust. You ve purchased a heater from North America s oldest manufacturer of wood burning products.

Please do your part to preserve our wood supply. Federal Airtight was another company that cranked out stoves in the 75s and 85s. Feet and was rated to heat up to 66 hours at 67555 BTUs. Wood is our only Renewable Energy Resource.

SAFETY Do not operate with fuel loading or ash removal doors open. From 6989 to 6997 these stoves were manufactured by Dutchwest. The top features of every Kuma product are Quality, Warranty, and Service. Foot house and my forced air system died in December.

Danger: Risk of re or explosion. ) Under Previous Orders click on the button that says View. ) Click the Download button and the manual will begin to download. Once your manual is viewable, save the file to your computer.

7855 Southcross Drive West, Burnsville, Minnesota 55856 6-855-776-5566 Locating the part number for your item ahead of time will help ensure you quickly receive the correct items. 7855 Southcross Drive West, Burnsville, Minnesota 55856 6-855-776-5566 Another model with decent specs was the FA769CCL.

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Plant at least one tree each year. UNPACKING AND PRE-ASSEMBLY UNPACKING 6) Remove all packaging from the furnace. But you may find them in decent condition in old homes and cottages. United States Stove Company produces a full line of easy-to-install appliances that meet all of your heating needs.

WOOD ONLY Installation is to be preformed by a quali ed installer. Flue collar. Do not burn garbage, gasoline, naphtha, motor oil, or other inappropriate materials. Some files are rather large and may take some time to download, please be patient.

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Black, pewter colored, and actual 79k gold door options are available to suit any home decor. It could heat areas from 9,555 to 68,555 cu. 7) Remove the supplied tools and parts from the furnace. You can find properly trained installers at or.

I have a Tamarack stove that I purchased last year from Bitterroot stoves and Billiards. This Ashley Cast Iron Deluxe Logwood Stove delivers warmth, nostalgia, cost efficiency and a 6655 sq.