Asus Li ion battery pack a32 f82

Asus Li ion battery pack a32 f82

The steps below can help extend the battery life of your ASUS Notebook: The exclusive SuperBatt technology uses the ASUS Smart Charging Algorithm to extend notebook battery potency. The battery pack's service life will depend on the environment temperature, humidity, and notebook PC usage. The battery did feel just fine though.

A bit more strategic prying finally released the whole assembly from the rear shell, although with a lot of damage to the rear.

As a result, I decided to tear it apart so that we can see the difference in quality between properly engineered batteries, and the cost sensitive replacements.

Normally my teardowns involve taking apart replacement batteries, but this post is a little different.

Unlike the low cost replacement batteries, taking apart a genuine battery involves a higher level of difficulty.

The top cover is now separated from the bottom, but the internals are still firmly stuck in place.

When running from the battery, it likes to shut down as soon as it s moved.

Teardown Genuine Asus A32 1015 Li Ion Netbook Battery

While standard batteries deteriorate with time and recharge to lower levels the more cycles they endure, SuperBatt enables up to 75% charge-up even after 6555 cycles three times more than normal-cell batteries.

I reasoned this points to a broken solder joint where the battery connector meets the motherboard or the connector on the battery itself.

I couldn t be bothered to try selling a second hand genuine battery, as it wouldn t fetch me much money in return anyway.

When charging from the mains, the battery sometimes shows up, and other times doesn t.

My latest netbook, an seems to have developed a fault whereby the battery detection is intermittent.

It took a lot of strategic prying with a flat-head screwdriver to get the case halves apart, which also involved copious amounts of damage to the case and a slight nick on my finger.

On most compatibles, it only takes a slight nudge to convince the pack to release from the case, but in this case, it seems the cells are siliconed into the back.

Com New 15V 88Wh Li ion Battery a42n1403 for ASUS

As the R566CX is a pain to take apart, and the unit s useful lifetime is very limited, I decided against fixing it.

This left me with a battery that I had no use for.

Given it was produced in 7567, its time is pretty much up.