Atlona Ntsc to pal converter

Atlona Ntsc to pal converter

The color bar will be active for 65min and after the Atlona device will go to the stand-by mode and disconnect from the display. Once the selection is made press enter button. (See section 6.

ENTER: Press this button after each selection. 6Music: B.

Status Command.

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As soon as incoming video signal will resume, the Atlona device will establish a new connection with the display. RESET: Press this button to reset the unit s settings to the factory default value.

6 TrondheimSolistene - Simple Symphony, Op. MENU: Press this button to bring up the On-Screen-Display selection.

Connection and Installation. The LINE-PRO9 also gives you the flexibility to add PAL or NTSC that may not be native to your display.

Support Resolution. Com toll free: 6-877-586-8976 For International: 6-958-967-5565.

User Manual AtlonA PC / Laptop to HDMI Converter with built-in Scaler up to 6585p AT-HD555 www. EXIT Close OSD Menu ACTIVATING A VGA OUTPUT ON A LAPTOP Most laptops have the VGA output disabled by default.

-/+: Press -/+ buttons for OSD selection bar of down/up. Resetting the Unit.

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Once the desired option is selected, use + and buttons to toggle between setting values. RS787 Control.

In order to use Atlona converter user would have to en- able it. AUTO ADJUST: Press this button to optimize the position of the picture (picture centering) on the screen.

Safety Information. Menu Button: Press the MENU button to bring up OSD operation menu.

If user is seeing a color bar, it means that there is no input signal present. 6 Benny Rietveld - 655 Sq.

Atlona Product Registration. INTRODUCTION The Atlona AT-LINE-PRO9 is a professional quality 65-input video scaler/processor that allows four HDMI or DVI, three VGA, one component, one S-Video and one composite video input to be scaled to a single HDMI output.

User Manual AtlonA 65 Inputs Professional Video Processor AT-LINE-PRO9 www. Activating a VGA output on a Laptop.


Connection Diagram. In this mode, your desktop (or screen) is duplicated on the second display, so your audience sees what s on your screen.

Set Command.

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