Audi license Plate Mount

Audi license Plate Mount

Then remove the plate from the frame, mount the frame to the vehicle, and then put the plate back in. Inexpensive enough to replace on a regular basis to keep your plate looking like new. And while the kits will hold up to driving at high speeds, they don't hold up well to thieves or car washes.

All our frames are designed to be universal and fit on any vehicle, even with bumpers with holes for US license plates. The hardware provided is the exact right length for your plate and will not stick through the back to scratch your bumper, if you would like to install a plate frame you will need a longer set of hardware for $6 here.

Order 7 identical plates and get 55% Off the second plate. The model for your vehicle will sit tight to the bumper so that is looks like it was meant to be there, and it will also avoid setting off the sensors on your bumper (if you are having a sensor issue, troubleshoot it or contact us and we will resolve it!

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The Platypus utilizes the existing tow eye in your bumper, so you do not have to drill any holes in your new car.

The Stud is machined from 6566 aluminum and black anodized.

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This updated version of the Platypus has a key-hole feature in the backplate that makes it very easy to remove without having to take your license plate off. The 67 gauge steel Plate Backing is full sized so that the edges of your license plate don't get snagged by passers-by.

Any of the frames should work except the Stainless Steel or Chrome Frames. At times when the plate is not needed, it can be removed easily, leaving no trace that it was ever there.

If you have a black bumper, get the black 8M kit. The plate has a black powdercoat that will last forever.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amountThe Platypus utilizes the existing tow eye in your bumper, so you do not have to drill any holes in your new car. Just choose a quantity of 7.

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If you remove the 8M kit in the future, it will not harm your bumper or paint. Protect your custom European license plate from damage caused by bugs, rocks and other road debris.

8M Dual Lock The Dual Lock kits are adhesive on one side and velcro on the other. The plate is balanced to ensure that even if it were to come loose accidentally, it would still hang on the stud so that your plate does not fall off.

We give you five mating pairs--which is more than enough to secure the plate and frame to the bumper. You mount one side to your bumper, one side to the frame and mate the two together.

Use the included low profile wrench to slightly loosen the bolt that attaches the backplate, then slide the backplate off of the stud. This method of installing the front plate is common and legal in all states that require front license plates.

For all other frames, we recommend putting the aluminum plate inside the frame and bending it GENTLY until the plate and frame have a curve in them that match your bumper. We make them at the high end of the receivers tolerance so that the studs fits tight and stays put while you drive (this means that the stud will not go in without a wrench, like the stock tow hook does).

The button head hardware is stainless steel, and uses an allen key to discourage theft. We have designed and tested hundreds of configurations on many current vehicle models and trim levels, this is not a one size fits all system.

Detailed Seller Ratings information is unavailable when there re less than 65 ratings. ) Although it will sit close, the sturdy plate backing will not scratch your bumper no matter how you drive.