Audioquest usb Carbon

Audioquest usb Carbon

Thanks for the great review, especially the comparisons. I specifically appreciate the insightful comparisons you provided.

Audioquest Carbon usb

I'd be very interested if you could get your hands on the Prana Wire 'Photon' USB cable.

Thank you Steven for this very interesting and informative review!

More reviewers should follow your style of reviews, they are extremely helpful.

I found the Prana Wires to be the quietest cables I've ever heard, no contest at all.

I don't have much experience with Wireworld cables, but based on your enthusiastic review I'd think they'd make an interesting comparison to the Pranas.

I look forward to your review of the Curious cable USB.

Com AudioQuest Carbon USB B Plug 0 75m

If you ever get a chance to listen to a Curious Cables USB cable I d be interested in that comparison too.

I went through a few years of 'soul searching' when it comes to cables, I tried all the usual suspects.

It has gotten many positive comments on Computer Audiophile, and John Darko has favourably reviewed it as well.