Az master gardener Manual

Az master gardener Manual

Grass in the desert provides an island of cool in our scorching heat. This life cycle means Bermuda does not need to be replanted each year and can handle the over seeding of a winter lawn.

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The main piece is the base which contains the electronics. The kit contains 7 varieties of lettuce which include green leaf, green summer crisp, red leaf and red butterhead lettuces.

What is Aeroponics? Also included are 7 plastic domes to keep in humidity during germination.

Despite the nice warm spring days, the soil was too cold for the Bermuda season to kick in.

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There is also a box that includes nutrient tablets, as well as an instruction manual. The next piece is the water reservoir with areas in the top where the grow pods are placed.

In May, when high afternoon temperatures kill the winter rye grass, Bermuda grass will reappear. Included are two grow bulbs or daylight spectrum bulbs which plug into the top hood piece.

Most of us think that once the daytime temperatures hit 85 on a regular basis the Bermuda should start to green up. Most homeowners have some form of Bermuda grass, a grass that goes dormant in the fall and starts growing again in May.

In the package are 7 grow pods with seeds that are seated between foam with openings for the leaves and roots to grow. Please note that if you change stores, prices and availability shown on the website may vary and your shopping cart will empty.

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The AeroGarden comes bundled with an herb seed kit which includes Italian Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Oregano, Chives, and Purple Basil. Soil temperature at a depth of 8 6/7 inches is basically the average of the daytime high and nighttime low.

The AeroGrow AeroGarden is an aeroponic indoor garden built by AeroGrow International. So you won t see Bermuda start to grow until the nighttime temperature is in the mid-65s for a week or two straight.

The underside of the hood piece has a reflective coating to scatter the light across the Aerogarden. In years past when we were blessed with a long May spring with mild daytime temperatures mid-75s to mid-85s the nighttime temperatures were in the 55s and 65s and the Bermuda stopped growing.

A year like this one when the temperatures go into the 95s for a week or so, see the grass green. Bottom line: Don t waste fertilizer on Bermuda until you see new growth, and don t aerate or dethatch until you see vigorous growth of your Bermuda or you may hurt the plant.

The hood snaps into the extension arm. That s because for Bermuda to be in full-scale growth mode, soil temperatures need to be high on a regular basis.

An extension arm with adjustable height settings plugs into the base. But it also requires more water and care than desert-adapted plants.

Setup was very simple. The roots of the plant are bathed in ideal amounts of water, nutrients, and oxygen to create plants that are healthier, grow faster, and have a higher nutrient content than if grown in soil.

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Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a 655 percent humidity, highly oxygenated growing chamber.