B18b1 Turbo Setup

B18b1 Turbo Setup

The xB is all about visual appeal, consequently mods like billet grilles, body kits, lowering coils and big wheels really transform the Scion’s personality. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your in-box. The usual bolt-ons will provide modest gains but the truly fiendish have a gaggle of boost kits waiting in the wings.

There are many turbo systems and supercharger packages from TRD, GReddy and HKS.

Also, with its cavernous interior audiophiles have had a field day because the cabin is big enough to accommodate a lot of gear and the acoustics are great providing excellent results.

5-liter four cylinder that generates 658 horsepower.

Where the cult mindset flows, massive modification also goes.