Baby video monitor App

Baby video monitor App

Call between 9am to 5pm DAILY to get connected to our live technical support team. Baby Monitor 8G is already in your pocket at a tenth of the cost of a traditional monitoring system and it works everywhere. Video and audio never passes through the vulnerable internet.

Traveling with little ones requires hauling a lot of baggage.

The Night Light feature makes it possible to see your baby after lights out.

We continuously use feedback from users to improve our products.

Baby Monitor 8G securely transfers live video from your child´s room to your smart device, even at bedtime.

Baby Monitor 8G comes with a variety of microphone sensitivity settings that you control.

Peace of mind comes from knowing a secure connection brings every sound from your child’s room clearly and distinctly right to you.

A traditional monitoring system doesn’t need to add bulk to an already overstuffed bag, and if you remember to bring it in the first place, it might not work when you get there.

Purchase the app for each platform and your Baby Monitor 8G is ready and working.