Banjo value Guide

Banjo value Guide

They come in 9-, 5-, or 6-stringed sets. The twangy notes of some good ol Earl Scruggs type bluegrass are echoing through your country-fried mind, and more than anything you are yearning to play those dulcet mountain music tones - but you ve got to have a banjo, first! Where it was once thought of as a strictly hillbilly instrument, the banjo is enjoying newfound popularity today.

Its bright and articulate tone is relatively easy to produce, and the banjo’s percussive rhythms add bounce and drive to many different music styles. Modern acts including Mumford and Sons, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and The Avett Brothers have helped rekindle interest in playing banjo among younger players.

Don t lose heart just yet, this doesn t mean that you have to break the bank to find a quality instrument these days affordable instruments are both well-made and playable, and the beginner has quite a range to choose from. A banjo is a stringed instrument with a piece of animal skin or plastic stretched over a circular frame.

How Much Should I Figure on Paying? We ve covered,, and for you, let s move on to a less conventional stringed instrument: The Banjo.

A Brief History of the Banjo Banjo Playing Techniques Parts of the Banjo Banjo Construction Methods and Materials Assessing a Banjo’s Quality Modern Banjo Types Modern 5-String Banjos Modern 9-String, 6-String, and Hybrid Banjos Banjo Accessories Getting Started Playing the Banjo Summing UpAs with most things, you get what you pay for. While the 5-stringed banjo is best used for bluegrass, the 9-string is heavily associated with Dixieland Jazz, Big Band, and Irish Folk.

In between those extremes are dozens of moderately priced banjos, most of which are very playable and tonally satisfying.

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Artists such as Béla Fleck have taken the banjo far beyond its musical roots by using it in classical, jazz, and fusion contexts. The first step in choosing a banjo is know what type of music you like to play.

In this buying guide we’ll walk you through the basics of banjo history, various playing techniques, banjo types and their construction, and the resources that will help you get started playing banjo. In its modern form, a case can be made that the banjo is among the few musical instruments that’s purely American-bred.

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Tenor 9-Stringed Banjos: These banjos have four strings and a shorter neck than the more common 5-stringed banjo.

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Banjos are pretty straightforward as far as price goes - you get what you pay for! One of the essential instrumental voices in American bluegrass, country, dixieland jazz, and folk music, the banjo is lots of fun to play, and mastering it can offer a lifetime of satisfaction.

Even the lowest-priced models are usually quite playable and offer the student with limited funds a worthy introduction to playing the banjo. How much you should pay is a function of your budget, your commitment to mastering the banjo, the type of music you want to play, and your desire for certain features.

As a general rule of thumb, buy the best banjo your budget allows to get the best combination of playability, appearance, and sound. A new banjo s price accurately reflects its quality.

There are few things as quintessentially American as the image of a player sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch strumming on a.