Baofeng uv5r Programming software download

Baofeng uv5r Programming software download

The Ham Radio Starter Kit is your discount ticket to the exciting world of amateur radio! Models such as the,, and the legendary are a common staple in the modern ham shack, and with good reason. The USB cable driver offered by Baofeng is buggy and the programming software made by the manufacturer is, for all intents and purposes, junk.

We use these radios mostly for VHF Marine and Weather, but also for private frequencies. For your convenience, an optional USB programming cable is available to program the Baofeng UV-5R from a computer.

This is the kit you need! Other than the menus and minimal instructions, and less-standard antenna connection, this is still a workable radio under most conditions.

Baofeng Portable Two way Radio

NOTE: follow these instructions completely and in order.

Baofeng handheld two way radios are well known among amateur radio operators everywhere. You just need to know where to find these options and how to install them properly.

Failure to do so may only bring more frustration when things don't work. To find and install the Baofeng USB Programming Cable driver and programming software correctly, follow the instructions below.

These radios are compact, easy to use, versatile and, best of all, extremely inexpensive. Compiled by hams for hams, this kit has everything you need to get you started as an amateur radio operator at minimal cost!

However, programming a Baofeng radio from a computer isn't all that intuitive and can become messy even for the most experienced ham who is not used to Chinese-made radios. Is a great package for an amateur radio club Technician License class or instructional program.

It comes in handy for a new hams who are just getting started on a budget. Includes: The Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band UHF/VHF Amateur Radio High Capacity 8855mAh Battery Nagoya NA-756 7m/75cm Dual Band Antenna Battery Eliminator USB Programming Cable Baofeng UV Series USB Data Cable Driver and Programming Software Want a ham radio package that has it all?

Baofeng Pofung UV5R VIP Software UV5R F 11 UV5RA UV5RC

They often outperform radios costing six times as much. NOTE: When you purchase this programming cable, we will include the FREE USB cable driver and programming software on CD.

These attributes have made Baofeng a household name in the ham community. Once that is accomplished, programming is usually a breeze.

Buying it as part of Buy Two Way Radio's packaged set made even more sense as a particularly inexpensive entry into ham radio. Fortunately, there are other options available, and once properly installed, they are actually quite good.

It's the perfect gift for that ham in your life who just wants to Get On The Air.

Baofeng 888s software

They program well, and the battery life is terrific. They are some of on the market.

New hams, in particular, should consider the package deal as it includes very useful stuff, especially the extra battery!