Barnett cranking device

Barnett cranking device

The quick detach quiver mount is also straight forward to assemble, just pay close attention to the instructions and follow them step by step. Please note that the retaining bolt for the bow assembly comes in the tool pouch with the allen wrenches and lube, so don’t look for it to be preinstalled at the end of the barrel! These are actually much longer and wider than on most crossbows and should cut any chance of wandering fingers or thumbs from entering the string path.

A feature we really liked is the oversize reinforced nylon safety wings.

Be sure that you lube up the cable guide before installation to ensure there is no resistance as it slides into place.

It has a high quality camo design that you can tell isn’t going to fade or peel.

If you order one without an integrated cocking aid, TenPoint does include a rope cocking aid with the crossbow package.

The TenPoint Turbo GT we received for testing included the following package contents: we received came with the ACUdraw crank cocking device.

It is also a very solid and well-built crossbow…something you can feel when you remove the stock from the package.

Also, keep in mind, there will be a bit of wiggle required to get the bow assembly to fit properly onto the stock, but it isn’t very difficult.