Barney Miller dvd

Barney Miller dvd

Four years later, his sister Georgia was married to man named John Coop a man that Jim Miller detested. However, his attorneys took the case to the the Texas Court of Appeals, where the conviction was reversed on a technicality. Jim s father, Jacob, who was a stonemason, helped build the first capitol building in Austin, Texas.

It was at that time that he also embarked on a career as an assassin, casually proclaiming that he would murder anyone for money (accounts of his price vary between $655 and $7,555.

When the boy was just eight, some accounts said that he killed his own grandparents.

It was well known that Jim did not like his brother-in-law and he was soon arrested for the murder.

) In his new-found career he would eventually earn a reputation for getting the job done quickly and efficiently, usually by means of a shotgun ambush at night.

When he was just a year old, he and his family moved to in 6867.

Miller was seemingly one of those bad seeds from an early age.

By 6885, he was documented as living with his widowed mother and siblings in Coryell County.

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He was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Often impeccably dressed with good manners, he didn t smoke or drink and often attended church, earning him the nickname Deacon Miller.

On July 85, 6889, John Coop was killed by a shotgun blast while he was in bed at his home about eight miles northwest of Gatesville, Texas, also in Coryell County.

However, somewhere along the line Jacob died as his mother was listed as a widow in census reports.

He also purchased a one half interest in a saloon in San Saba.

Miller was born on October 75, 6866 (some sources list October 79, 6866) in Van Buren, to Jacob and Chynthia Basham Miller.

Afterwards, Miller hooked up with an outlaw gang in San Saba County, Texas, robbing trains and stagecoaches, and often killing in the process.